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Re: an engine question...
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I'm starting to forget now but I think you have Stellite inserts for valve seats. These are the hardened seats that Chrysler put in all their engines to stop seat errossion because there was no lead in gas in those days. They kept it up forever I believe. However if you have hardened seats in the block DO NOT try to grind them with anything steel. They are equivalent to  the steel of wrenches or sockets. You will just dull your steel device. They were ground with beveled stones on a device that straddled the engine when the hood was removed. Mostly they are in good condition and just need to be scrapped carefully to remove any carbon.
   Valves; If you have a good engine repair shop in your area they should be able to go through the 'books' and find new hardened valves that will do for your '29 and be a LOT cheaper and BETTER than any NOS. They may have to be shortened on a lathe and have a new groove cut in them for the keeper. But a good 'old' repair shop can do this. I've had it done. The valves for a 6 cylinder Plymouth turned out to be the same as 1958 Chev 283 ci. V-8 exhaust valves. $5 a piece. All the valves,intake and exhaust, on early sixes are the same so it was 12 X $5 plus $30 to cut and regroove for the keepers. You may want to go this way.    
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