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"waffle" washers and door hinge machine screws

Started by kimmc, January 17, 2024, 04:11:30 PM

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I am looking for 2 different items:

1) Waffle washers also referred to as wavy washers or buckle washers (picture attached); these fit between the fabric discs that comprise the front and rear universal joints.  I need 24. I believe a full complement is 42.

2) The machine screws (picture attached) that anchor the hinges to the doors and A pilar. Mine is a '29 coupe. I do not know if other body styles used the same screw but I would guess they do.  Some of mine have a damaged screwdriver slot making them unusable.  I need 6 screws with good slots and threads. 

If you know of a source for these items, please let me know.  Thanks.  Kim Mc


I can't help with the washers but I believe the slotted screws are 1/4 20 3/8" length.  If you can't get locally you can order from boltdepot.com.

Link to screws

Check your sample make sure they are 1/4 20 TPI.  Very common.  If you only need a couple (10 or 20) I have a box of them.

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Thanks for the sources Chet.  Did not know about these.  I will let you know what I find.  Kim Mc

Russ T. Fender

I may have some waffle washers that I scavenged from a field find.  They may not be perfect but should be usable.  How many do you need?