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Inner Tubes and Valve Stems

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Best to send Earl or Jeff Buton and email with that question.

Maybe the  best way to go would be to have them Brass as being demountable rims and the likelihood of slippage on the wheel it may shear the rubber stem of also may happen when you get a flat and the tube moves around just a thought

I emailed Jeff and he said he used nickel, however, he seemed to think it really wouldn't matter and I wouldn't lose points in a show.  I'm not really "point conscious" as I am I'd like to do it as original as possible.

Got the rims back today and want to order the tires and tubes by early next week.  I have a concern if I go with the brass stems with the hardware to mount to the rim.  I understand how the process works with securing the stem to the rim (from above and below) but I'm puzzled on how I'll be able to get the felloe on to the rim with the stem being straight up firmly in place on the rim.  At least with a rubber stem (which had been on the car for years) there would be a little flexibility to move it around and/or down to help in mounting the felloe to the rim.

Any thought on this on how to mount the felloe to the rim with the stiff/non-flexible stem?


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