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I need some advise...

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Great Thread,

I hope to start on this in a year or two so this thread will save me many hours of thought.  Keep up the good work,


Hi Kim,

As you reinforce bows on each side, you may want to consider how this will affect installation of the headliner from the proportional perspective.  Attempting to say the spacing between front and 1st bow, back and last bow, and in between.  Not trying to be intrusive; you're doing a great job!


Well, I hadn't thought about that.  I wonder if it will make a difference?  I was going to make the additional support pieces just slightly smaller (top to bottom measure) than the bows, then glue, clamp, and staple them.  The end result would be the original bow sandwiched between the 2 pieces of 3/16 plywood; so about 3/8" of wood would be added to each bow.  The other option I considered was to just make new bows but they are cut with a 1/2" "crown" in the they really are bowed up a bit.  My bandsaw is down and needs work so without a good way to cut the long curved pieces, I decided to reinforce the existing bows.  But now you've got me rethinking that.  Hmmmmm.......  How exactly do you think the headliner might be affected?  In my '29 it was just tacked to the bottom of the bows but maybe that was not the original method of attachment?  Let me know your thinking.  Thanks.

My dad sewed a piece of material to the headliner from side to side for each bow.  This piece was then tacked to the side of the bows after drawing tight up, across (side to side), and to the next bow.  This may not have been original, but looks good.  If you see "tack" holes in the bows, that will show where headliner was attached and could lead to how.  I don't remember being around to help him with installation, but do recall the "tabs" he sewed.

The seam would only be offset by 3/16" and probably wouldn't make any visual difference; just trying to be helpful - not jerky.  One of the 4 pictures from our resto shows replacement of all slats, which I did.  I just don't remember the bows needing reinforcement, for some reason.

(Kim, I interpreted 3/4" vs 3/16 so please discount all this gibberish, but I did owe you an answer.)


Thanks for the reply and info Frank.  I have no idea at this point how the replacement headliner is secured to the bows.  I think the tacks in mine might have been an attempt to put a sagging headliner back in place.  I don't think it would have come from the factory with tacks showing across the headliner.  I kept the old headliner so I will pull it out and see if I can figure this out.  At any rate, I don't think a little extra wood along the bows will change much, if anything.  I would hate to skip the reinforcement step and then have a bow crack or break after the new top is on!  Thanks for sending your thoughts along to me.


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