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General Discussion / Re: Inner Tubes and Valve Stems
« on: October 01, 2011, 03:24:05 AM »
Didn' know there was anything other than rubber available. Mine are rubber and no one said anything at the 2010 National Meet.


General Discussion / Re: front fenders
« on: October 01, 2011, 03:21:47 AM »
I just do what I can do. I have a few parts books and info, but most is limited to early cars. I hope this is what these sites are for, and that is to share what we have so all can enjoy.


General Discussion / Re: front fenders
« on: September 28, 2011, 07:30:14 AM »
The parts book lists for rear fenders:     Q and U Coupe R-49410

                                                           Q and U Sedan  R-49416

                                                           Q, U, 30-U Touring  R-49406
                                                            Q, U, 30-U Roadster  R-49720

It is interesting to me that they only list these parts as enamel - is that an indication that they were all Black?

Beginning with the 30-U Coupe, Sedan and Roadster they list different part numbers for (prime), (paint), and (enamel).

Just more info. Hope this answers any questions.


General Discussion / Re: '29 U Roadster Tires and Rims Question
« on: September 26, 2011, 03:09:38 AM »
I hope this helps.According to the POC Judging Guide,
Section G. WHEELS;
 1. Only 1930-1933 (30-U-PD) wood wheels may be natural varnished.
 2. Painted wood wheels must have stripe.

In Section F. Paint for the 28 & 29 Q - Plymouth Standard Colors (per Plymouth Club Bulletin Jan-Feb 1994)

Colors per Plymouth Confidential bulletin dated May 21, 1929

Model         Color                       Molding                  Strip                             Wood Wheels              Wire Wheels
Roadster         Ardsley Green         Dundee Gray          Swamp Holly Orange      Arsley Green               Swamp Holly Green
                      Gualda Gray Lt.      Gualda Gray Deep   Mandarin Vermillion        Gualda Gray Deep       Mandarin Vermilion
                      Chrysler Lt. Gray    Cigarette                 Emerald Green              Chrysler Lt Gray          Emerald Green

Touring           Desert Sand            Pyramid Gray          Packard Ivory                Pyramid Gray             Packard Ivory

Coupe             Black                      Black                      Flake White                   Black                         (none listed)
                      Dundee Gray           Ardsley Green         Packard Ivory                Ardsley Green             Cigarette

Deluxe Coupe  Mexican Turquoise   Marquette Blue        Packard Ivory                Marquette Blue            Packard Ivory
                      Thorn Maroon          Chrysler Lt. Gray     Extra Perm. Vermillion    Thorn Maroon             Extra Perm. Vermillion
                      Buckingham Gray    Thorn Maroon          Swamp Holly Green        Thorn Maroon             Swamp Holly Orange

2 Door Sedan  Atkin Gray               Black                      Orange Double Deep      Atkin Gray                  Orange Double Deep
                      Chrysler Lt. Gray     Chrysler Dark Gray   Packard Ivory               Chrysler Dark Gray      Cigarette

4 Door Sedan  Top Gallant Blue      Marquette Blue         Swamp Holly Orange     Marquette Blue            Swamp Holly Orange
                      Marquette Blue        Marquette Blue        Extra Perm. Vermilllion   Marquette Blue           Extra Perm. Vermillion

It would appear from this Bulletin that yes some colored cars did have the wood wheels the same color as the body, but when some colors were used the wheels were a different color.

I have another Service Bulletin dated Jan 8, 1929, which shows a much different list of colors, but it doesn't list the colors for wheels.

Not sure this helps, but that is all I can find right now.


General Discussion / Re: Rear wheel/drum removal - wood spoke wheels - '29
« on: September 25, 2011, 09:21:28 PM »
Hi Ted. This requires a special puller that threads onto the hud and runs a bolt into the axle to push it off. I had trouble on my 30U and ended up getting a puller. The one that I found that fits is for a mole TT truck. I got it from Mac's Antique Auto Parts, try (not cheep). Before I got it I got one wheel loose by taking off the cotter pin out, taking the nut off and removing the washer, then put the nut back on (loosely) and driving the car for a while around some corners. The side thrust on the wheel moved it sideways on the axle and then I could get it off.

Hope this helps.


General Discussion / Re: front fenders
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:23:21 AM »
According to my parts book the Q and the U had the same fenders front fenders. The one without the well is part #306160 - right, with the well is #306752. Left is 306161 w/out well and #306753.

The 30U had a different part number, put that may be only because of the added hole to run the horn wire through. ????

Hope this helps.


General Discussion / Re: '29 U Roadster Tires and Rims Question
« on: September 22, 2011, 06:18:06 AM »
Great looking car.

If I remember correctly the natural finished spokes DO NOT have stripping, only painted wheels.

My car was painted wheels with strips (not shown in this picture) and I powder coated the rims, hubs, and lugs black.

Just my thoughts,

Happy motoring, Gary

General Discussion / Fuel Pump rebuild
« on: September 17, 2011, 05:58:28 AM »
Anyone know someone who is good at rebuilding the fuel pump for the 30U?

Found a couple on the internet, but would like a reference for someone you know about not just an ad.

Thanks, Gary

General Discussion / Re: Rear Spring Hangers
« on: September 17, 2011, 04:22:13 AM »
Glenn, Sorry to be so long to respond back.

Great info and pics.

I was worried about the pins in the chassis as he told me he had beat on them pretty hard and no movement. He thought they were maybe part of the chassis piece and no removable.

We will try some heat and maybe have to drill them out.

Machinist is making new pins with the grease fittings and ways.

Thanks again, Gary

General Discussion / Re: Running Board Aluminum Trim Finish
« on: August 14, 2011, 09:56:07 PM »
Hi guys, Bob Romano, 251  Woodlawn Terrace, Collingswood, NJ 08108, (856) 858-6291 or makes reproductions of the original aluminum mouldings. I have a set on my 30U and they look great.


General Discussion / Re: Rear Spring Hangers
« on: August 06, 2011, 06:17:42 AM »
Glen did you ever get your shackles redone? If so what all did you have to do to strighten out the problem with the rear frame connections?


General Discussion / Re: Wood Wheel Paint?
« on: August 06, 2011, 06:13:11 AM »
Hi tony, My wheels will be like yours, except that the steel fellow is/was the same color as the spokes.
The outer rim with tire i had powder coated black.

Love your choice of Italian Cream for your wheels, looks great.


General Discussion / Wood Wheel Paint?
« on: August 04, 2011, 02:21:42 AM »
I know some of you have had to make this decision before, but the question is who likes (or dislikes) what kind of paint?

One of my wheels is in really bad shape, and the spokes in another are starting to wear, so it is time to start thinking about redoing all of them. There is a fellow here locally, Jim Kanne, that makes and installs replacement spokes, But he is a little e xpensive and requires a lot of time.

I want to know what is the best paint and primer to use. Should the rim be painted first before installing the spokes, maybe powder coated?

Who is another good refurbisher for these wheels? Maybe someone is less expensive than Jim.


General Discussion / Water pump problems - not again
« on: August 01, 2011, 08:21:51 AM »
If most of you are like me you have had some problems or concerns with the packings in your pumps. In my case the packing never leaked when running, but after it was parked and cooled down, then it would drip. I took mine in to have it rebuilt, but they said that they were not sure the one off the car could be rebuilt as it was in pretty bad shape.

I took them a spare that I had and they rebuilt it for me. I got a chance to talk to Ron, (the founder of the company)who is the father of the current operaotr. I asked Ron why, with all the new seals for hot tubes, swimming pools etc., why we couldn't have something other than a old fashioned packing to seal these pumps. He indicated that he had been thinking the same thing and thought he could put something together but didn't have a corefor my 30U left in his supply to work with. I told him he had one right there on the counter as they had told me it may not be repairable.

Ron took thet unit and bored out the front section and installed two bearings in place of the bushing. He also bored out the back section and installed two bearings and a new ceramic seal. He also installed a new shaft and a high volume directional impeller. To make it look original he bored out the jam nut and pressed it over the portion of the bearing that stuck out the back section. We put in two new oil caps and you can't tell it from an original. I have only had the car out maybe 5 times since the rebuild, but have got maybe 200 - 250 miles on it with not problems.

Again the fellows name is Ron Anderson at Automotive Friction Co. 20521 SE Highway 212, Damascus, Oregon, USA 97089. Phone is 503-353-7595. They sometinmes advertise in Hemming and all they do is clutches, and water pumps for old cars, trucks and tractors.

When I talked to Ron a couple days ago, I think he told me he had just done a pair of pumps (with the new seals) for a 1913 Cadilac V8.

Hope this helps some of you that may need work done.


General Discussion / Re: grease fittings
« on: August 01, 2011, 07:46:14 AM »
I have a set of new zerk fitting for my 30U, but they are all straight. Hadn't thought about which ones are supposed to be angled. If one of you that knows would tell which go where it would be helpful.

Thanks, Gary

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