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I need some advise...

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Well, my frame is original...some dry rot but not too much.  I can send you all the pictures you want however mine is a coupe, not a sedan.  Yours is probably similar construction, just longer (and even more wood!).  I am sending 2 pics here taken just a couple of hours ago.  The 3rd pic will have to follow in a separate reply as the third picture would put me over the 1000KB limit.  Go to go.  My wife is making me take some time away from my project!

Here's the 3rd photo.  All the floor boards laid out.  I will do a sketch of each with measurements if that will help.  Let me know what else you want.  Talk to you later.  Kim

Nice job, keep up the great work, I am enjoying following this thread


Please don't add any work to your project time on my account.  The pictures are great.  I agree with Jason great thread.

Thanks,  Chet...

    I just wanted to send a note to let you know how much I'm enjoying your post . Keep up the good work and thanks foe allowing us to watch as you proceed.


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