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Newbe to this forum, 1931 Plymouth PA

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Great looking car, Patrick!

Out of curiosity, what is your carburetor?


She has the original Carter 1bbl updraft. In the picture I have a K&N filter which I prefer since we live in the desert and have lots of fine dust. I do have the original air silencer / air cleaner (HUGE) but prefer the K&N. I will include a before pic of the motor before I did the tear down and rebuild.

Thanks for pic, Patrick.  frank

Old Man:
Since you've done such a nice job of bringing it back from the dead, I thought I would play devil's advocate to take it back 100%. I apologize if you consider this straight criticism, it is not. I owned a barn fresh '31 PA 6 wire wheel DeLuxe sedan for many years and I'm quite familiar with them in their untouched condition. =The headlight bar should be chromed.=The headlights do not appear to be the large originals.The '28/'29/'30 and '31 all had basically the same headlights. (Anybody else agree?)=The rad cap appears to be '33 PD. The '31 PA/'32 PB were lower bodied than the '33PD.Could you give us a closer photo of it?= The front right hubcap appears to be '31 PA but the rear one appears to be fatter/thicker and could be '33. Closer photo?= That carb is a '32 PB BB-1. The '31 PA had a straight mouth on it. The '32 had the mouth pointing up like yours. And the '32 PB had the accelerator pump on the outside where yours is.= The sparkplug wiring was correct on the engine in it's original condition. Push the wire loom a little more to the right and put the caps on the plugs directly out of the loom not wound over the top. 

No hard feelings on my end! Since I was not around 82 years ago when she first rolled off the line (I’m 47) I use these forums for advice and guidance from the world of knowledge beyond my own.
I was not on hand when the car was pulled from the barn so I can only go by what I’ve been told or have learned on various forums.
Some items may not be exact matches to the original. For example as my wife says her father said if the wheels were ever painted the original “baby puke yellow” he would come back from the grave and take the car back with him!
I do have the original build card from Chrysler. All numbers match. The Carb was good for many conversations on the Antique Auto Club Forum. Some for the fact that it is original and some against. I do know from photos on web that it appears to be correct in my opinion and better then that it absolutely works flawless. It took some time to find the original silencer/air cleaner. I do not typically drive with this as the K&N is far superior to the original.
I do doubt the headlights are original but do feel they represent fairly close to original and they work well. I will not chrome the light bar, dollars and my own taste decided this. The hub caps are not original. The caps on the car were purchased in PA years ago. My guess is the originals were used for target practice on the farm years ago!
I have no idea if the radiator cap is original. Every picture I have shows this cap as well as examples on the web. It could be your seeing the cap in a bit of a raised stance because it’s not seated entirely. I will check this.
As time rolls on and my son receives this car someday we will continue to get her as close to original as possible. Every bit of work has done by the family from the body to the mechanics. I will adjust the wire loom as you recommended. I needed something to do this weekend anyway.
Again, I enjoy the discussions and feedback these forums provide and take it all as constructive criticism.


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