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brake lines

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Old Man:
In Canada you're allowed to put back on what the vehicle came with. Most very early cars and trucks I've worked on had copper gas and brake lines. Highly illegal now on new cars. The mechanical certificate here in Ontario does not even require you to have the drive train in the vehicles. But the brakes must be up and working and all the lights. How you get vacuum wipers to work without the drive train has always been a problem. However most guys don't go through the mechanical certification until the vehicle is fully restored ,drive train and all. But that's it. If you could push the vehicle to the mechanic's shop, you could get it certified. After that you licence it and insure it and Bob's your uncle it's on the road. We do not have yearly mechanical testing,old or new vehicles. However all vehicles must go through the mechanical certification process when the ownership changes. However dealerships do not have to do it. They are exempt.       


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