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Well I have put the Title Problem behind me and have now started on the real work.  The Car.

The main issue I have with this car is the rotting internal wood structure and then everything else.  The roof of the car is one slab of plywood so no real body integrity.  My plan is to repair or reframe this car as close to original construction as humanly possible and as well as my carpentry & mechanical skills will allow.  I guess my first step is to get this car on a level plane and assess the workload.

The good news is that my garage floor is in excellent shape for the task at hand.  I jacked the frame up on four identical jack stands.  Even though the floor is perfectly level I did have to raise the back jack stands up one additional notch to get the car on a level plane ?  I am not sure if this is a problem but I think not.  Any comments would be appreciated. 

The body skins are horribly aligned. As an example.., Sitting on the jack stands my driver side door doesn't want to close for a number of reasons including the center post position.  I will be removing all the interior covering to reveal what's left of the original frame.  Will post pictures as the work progresses.

See Below the tip of the iceberg:

Jim Yergin:
I will be looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for posting.
Jim Yergin


Good the title issue is in the can.

Like Jim Y, I too look forward to all you discover and your approach.  More than willing to offer suggestions along the way; good, bad, and terrible.  Did you place your level on the bottom of the frame?  frame probably slopes upward towards the rear?


Hi Jim, Its been awhile I hope things are going well for you.  Frank I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

I spent the day stripping out the interior of the car to get a better idea of what I am up against.  As I pealed back the onion the results weren't encouraging.  There was very little original wood framing left.  Nothing in the roof was original and little of the floor is original either.

My plan at the moment is to start in the back and work toward the front.  I have a pretty good idea of what pieces are missing and if I can scrape up half of a structural piece I can create a full duplicate.  I have been collecting info for the past number of years so at the moment even though things look daunting I am feeling pretty confident.  We will see...  :-\

Just so you don't think I am completely insane:
I am using the 1926-1932 (150 page) Fisher Body Service Manual as a guide for my project.

The theory and practical application is the same, of course the dimensions of the pieces will vary but the techniques for assembly and repair are solid.


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