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Chet,   not the best picture, but hope you get the idea.  Unlike John, I have separate plywood in front and back of cross members at the B pillar.  The front plywood is 2 piece.  The height of the exposed vertical board at the rear seat is 2 11/16".

Thanks for the info Frank.

BTW what is the metal used for in the picture.

This pan is under the front seat for tools and spare parts.  The standard place for these is under the rear seat, but I wanted room for a bottle jack, coil and other items.  It is galvanized and the outside is painted black to match the undercarriage.

(I made this in 2001 before driving about 200 miles east to Reedsburg, WI, for a Plymouth meet on a Thursday.  Sat I drove 200 miles north to a wedding reception and returned home the next day , another 200 miles.  I used the wrench for the oil drain plug.)


Just curious, what is your normal cruising speed ?

40, with tops about 45 or so.  Depends on road surface and to lesser degree, traffic.  In the city, main streets are 35 to 40 which are about right unless the surface is wretched; filled, mounded pot holes and sealed joints every 20 feet.  These are annoying in a modern car, too.


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