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Hayes Body Corp 29U 4 door sedans

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Outside Door. My locking side is busted.

I ordered a non- locking outside door handle from vintage reproductions.  When it comes in I will let you know how well it fits and post a picture. The price is in Australian dollars, so cost will vary with the exchange rates.  As for the other handles, since at least three of us are interested, we should be able to get them reproduced.  There are three re producers that I am aware of still in the business, prices vary.

That T-handle is the nicest one I have seen, it would be good to get it reproduced too.

As for the handles, they very well might have varied somewhat.  Did a DeLux version have different handles?


Have you explored companies and their costs for reproducing these?  Count on me for buying at least one of all interior handles; door, window, quarter window.

As you know, Jay Fisher re-produced the door and window handles with chrome finish.  I bought his entire stock of those, 1 each, at Iola swap many years ago.  (also the crank hole cover, which another is needed)  He said his biggest cost was drilling the square mounting hole.  Pic shows what is not presently on my car.  The window knob is cracked and corroded a bit.  Maybe it could be scanned, cleaned and 3d printed for casting purposes?


Not yet.  I will check with Don Sommer, Neil Butters and Vintage Reproductions.  Do you know anyone else?   Right now I am waiting to see if the door handles I have ordered are truly correct.  I expect to receive them in about 6 weeks.

Can you post the actual picture of the inside door handle, so I can send it to Neil Butters?  Or email it to me?


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