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Hayes Body Corp 29U 4 door sedans

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The pinstripes on your car - do they join into one stripe along the back, or continue as two stripes close together across the back of the car?


--- Quote from: 29UJohn on January 10, 2017, 06:01:40 AM ---Dave,
Can you post the actual picture of the inside door handle, so I can send it to Neil Butters?  Or email it to me?

--- End quote ---

Do you want a copy of one I posted? You should be able to just right click on the image and copy it or save as or even just grab it (left click) and drag it to a folder or on the desktop. I can take a few more if you like, and email if you prefer.

I'll go check in on her tomorrow and check out the pinstripes.

John,  Paint job looks sharp!  What color will your pin stripe be?

Your picture of the original handles appear to be linked to a web based album and I cannot copy them. 

The pinstripes will be Dupont "Harvest Gold".  It is the closest I can find to the original "Deep Gold Bronze" listed for a 1929 Sedan with Blue body.

That will look real good against the black.   My pin stripe around the rear bead is single.  Difficult to see in this picture.  Top line of side follows the curve downward in the moulding.   frank


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