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Hayes Body Corp 29U 4 door sedans

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BTW - It would be really great if I had a good set of pictures that showed all the details for the pin striper to go by!
:) :D

John,  i don't recall seeing any striping on the dash in restored 28Q roadster and 29U 2dr sedan, and Dave's survivor.  He may prove me wrong, though.   A 30U I saw did have the double stripe on the rear bead, but I don't know if it was original.  Earl Buton had two opportunities to tell me my striping wasn't complete/correct.  Actually, he corrected my hood striping the first time he saw it.  Thanks for the width info.  Wish I could provide pictures you're looking for.  frank

I appreciate the information.  I have received some advise from Earl and Jeff on my car restoration in the past, but I do wish the Club had more information on these first Plymouths.  I really want to do it right this time, but it is hard sometimes knowing what right is.

Also - Mike Butters sent me some pictures of sample handles he has.  It looks like he can make the interior door handles, except he does not have the same knob on the window winder, it is a plain knob.  So I get the dimensions right, how ling long are the interior door and window winder handles?


One last (I think) pinstripe question - when the stripes reach the door knob escutcheon, does the strip appear to go under the escutcheon, or does it stop short and pick up again on the other side?  In other words, should I remove the door handles before the pinstriping is done?

I removed the handles.


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