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Will do on the part number and picture.  I am traveling for work and will post the information when I get back home.

Vintage Reproductions send me an outside handle that is a perfect match and fit, except that the square shaft was a few thousandths too thick, but that was easily rectified by filing a little.

The cost was $150 in Australian dollars.  My total cost including shipping was $134.30. The part number is CHY-026.  They also have it in a locking handle for $350, part number CHY-027.

Vintage Reproductions is located in Australia.
Web site:
US Representatives for purchases: Tom and Cindy Meyers at:
Ph: 734-856-1207

They can also reproduce our hubcaps, but we would need a good set for them to use as a model and a commitment for orders for 16.

Looks awesome!


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