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Put 45 miles on the 29 and have a few questions. ???


Since I have little operational experience with a 1929 Plymouth I was curious about a few things.

Question 1: This drive was a 28 mile run driving at an average of 45mph with few stops.

As learned earlier the radiator doesnít stay filled to the top and will find itís own level.  I didnít have an apparent problem with over heating but it was an 85 degree day and the last 15 miles it appeared that the engine sounded like it was running hot.   I canít explain the sound just a familiar sound of a block running hot.  The next day I could only fit in a Quart of water which quickly spilled out once the engine got hot.

The radiator was cool on the bottom and hot on the top upon completion of the run which I believe is normal.  Does this sound normal and if not will adjusting the timing help. ?

Question 2:  Noise in the bell housing:

The bell housing sounds like it has marbles bouncing around inside.   The noise doesnít appear to be coming from the engine and was there prior to changing the transmission.  I didnít find anything loose and kinda suspect the clutch arm in the bell housing vibrating or the throw-out bearing bouncing on the clutch arm that depresses the pressure plate. ???    Anybody have any ideas?



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