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measurements tail pipe clamp

Started by Articifer Tom, March 25, 2019, 07:02:12 PM

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Articifer Tom

Pic of Dodge and maybe other Mopars tail pipe extension and clamp . Would like stock sizes and measurement to repo for mine , truck . Also pipe OD . Thanks in advance .


Interesting picture.  On this Dodge does the tailpipe go around the gas tank or beside the gas tank and then straight out the back.  Wish I could help you but I can't.  My tailpipe comes out in the back of the passenger side rear wheel well facing toward the ground.  Not original routing.

Chet...           Web Master - Forum Administrator - AACA member

Articifer Tom

Thanks Chet .  The pipe is under tank to back end . Can be seen in this pic .  It shows going back over axle ,down between axle and oval tank , then to back  . I am surprised had no responses here or aaca . Maybe cars are different then the trucks .


Tom this is another area I will have to also get figured out.  What you are showing looks feasible.

The site has been slow still hibernating from winter.  Just growing fat and old. Hopefully pickup my motor next week.           Web Master - Forum Administrator - AACA member


This is the best I can do without my car here.  Kind of get idea location of tailpipe.   frank
frank p


Mine is missing from the muffler back. Something I also need to get resolved if I ever want to drive with the windows up....

Articifer Tom

My same problem , no tail pipe . Pic is from another's truck that he sold . Chet your lube chart should show the routing of exhaust . I am looking to bend up a hanger then bend my own pipe having access to a exhaust and conduit bender .