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Speedometer Cable

Started by chetbrz, November 26, 2019, 03:03:21 PM

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I am looking for a replacement cable.  I believe a universal internal cable replacement will work.  The cable thickness of the one in my car is 0.130 OD  This was a universal cable replacement I installed in 2006.  Got it on eBay.   I can purchase the 0.130 cable from Restoration Supply but it isn't squared on the end and they don't sell the proper tips ?? 

Any Suggestions.

Chet...           Web Master - Forum Administrator - AACA member

Articifer Tom

Bratton's  sells replacements Model t stuff . Also company in Uk makes . Refer to Henfab '31 Dodge Uf10 Panel rebuild on AACA and my have on is dash rebuild you-tube vid . Let me know if you cannot find . You buy cable with suare end and cut to length and crimp om keyed end .

Articifer Tom

Chet , how did you make out with this ?  Also did you try Jay Pre 39 Chrysler ?


Hi Tom,

I purchased a Universal 0.130 Cable from Amazon for 8.95.  Free shipping for Prime member.

The cable is squared on one end and the 0.130 OD is correct to fit into the speedometer.  It does not come with the transmission key.   The one packaged with the cable is also squared, so you need the proper key.   

I was able to reuse my transmission key .   Cut to proper length, greased the cable and it is now working smooth and quiet.

:) Chet...           Web Master - Forum Administrator - AACA member