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'29 Plymouth coupe seat

Started by kimmc, April 06, 2020, 04:58:38 PM

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I am working on restoring a '29 business coupe.  There are separate back and bottom cushions that are just placed in the cab.  Is that how it was done.  I have seen pictures of one piece metal frames with springs (fabric gone).  Did the '29 have a metal frame that held the back and seat cushions?  I am looking for information and if you are a '29 coupe owner could I impose on you for a picture please?  If there is a frame, I need to start looking for one to buy.  Thank you in advance.  Kim


I'll try to get some pics up later today. Mine has a wood frame with metal springs and kind of just sits in there with some locating tabs for the bottom. The seat back hangs on a horizontal "ledge"which is just a piece of wood that runs below the rear window and has three vertical wooden "feet" that are part of the seat back frame structure and fit behind another wooden horizontal rail on the floor to keep it from sliding forward. After I get a few cups of coffee in me I'll go out and take some photos.


    Okay I got some pictures. Please excuse the nasty sheets I stapled on to protect what was left of the seat covering. 

The seat back and bottom have three parts that hold them in. A pair of metal "knobs" on the floor, a wooden strip on the floor and a wooden strip with a ledge behind the seat back.


The seat bottom locates by two metal "knobs" in the floor (img. 1&2) lining up with two holes in the bottom of the wooden frame. (img. a & b)  After that it just lays there.


 The three legs on the seat back fit down behind the wood strip on the floor and the seat back sits on the seat bottom.  The three legs are held tight to the wood strip with one wood screw each fastened from the trunk. (img. h shows it on the way in)

As the seat back slides down in place it comes to rest on a ledge on the upper wooden strip which I am missing in the picture. I assume the ledge had a couple hooks or a lip of some type to keep the seat back from wanting to slide forward. (img. 5) I have that little 90* angle to keep it in place for now. (img. f)

Take a look at the pictures and let me know if anything is unclear.

Both pieces are wood frame with springs.  I could make a pattern pretty easily if you can wait a bit.