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windshield gear for 29 U?

Started by jjferrero3, March 20, 2021, 02:25:35 AM

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anyone have price and availability for a front windshield gear?? 

If not, I may attempt to cast one from what I have left.




I have been told that the ones sold by the Filling Station.  FS-205 or FS-206 are the same ones.  I have not tried them myself.

Gary 30U

I have been away for a while and I know I am late posting to this topic but thought somebody would like to know,

The Filling Station does have windshield crank mechanisms available.
You need to provide the drive shaft that the handle goes on as the GM models are splined and the Mopar models uses a square shaft.

Good to be back in the action.

Gary R.


Russ T. Fender

That sure looks like what I am looking for.  Do you know how I can get in touch with the seller? 


I guess you could register on the HAMB and send him a PM. I'll ask him for his contact info first and see how that works.


Here's his number Russ, 469-358-4233. I didn't get a name other than his screen name Dirty30Dodge.

Russ T. Fender

Thanks for the number.  I will call tonight.  I registered with H A L M but can't figure out how to send him a PM.


Just click on his avatar and it will give you the option of "starting a conversation"