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It's Back!!! HERSHEY .

Started by Articifer Tom, October 02, 2021, 10:25:53 AM

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Articifer Tom

Who's going this year ?   Weather looks so-so . Guess I'll try Wednesday or Thursday .


Have fun unfortunately I am heading up to NYC for a memorial service Friday. Not COVID related.
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Russ T. Fender

Heading down Tuesday for the rest of the week to pick up some 30-U parts I bought and whatever else I can find.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate!


Good fortune to all who attend or attended.
frank p

Articifer Tom

Was there Thursday . Great weather , overcast and 70's . Lots of vendors , Smaller crowds . Meet with mopar parts dealers .  Stayed mostly green and orange . Glad I am on  diet , Ouch food price as bad as stadiums .


Anyone have any luck with parts and vendors?  How about any 28-29 Plymouths in the show?

Russ T. Fender

I didn't see anything for my 30-U but did pick up some things for my other earlier cars.  There were a lot of vendor signs saying that this was the last year they were going to be at Hershey and the consensus among the people I spoke with there  is that the number of attendees was down from prior years. 


I think that there were a few folks staying away because of COVID issues, but more importantly, most, if not all of our international friends were not in attendance, which will keep attendance lower, especially Canada.  There were a few Ply parts, but mostly common things like radiator caps.  I'm amazed at the great rare Ply parts I've found at Hershey, just over the last 5 years.