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General Discussion / Re: Snow in Northern Virginia - OT
« on: February 06, 2010, 03:19:22 PM »

 7:30 this morning view from my front window.  12 more hours of snow to go.

General Discussion / Snow in Northern Virginia - OT
« on: February 05, 2010, 11:54:04 PM »
Well we are hunkered down for the evening.  This is a major event for our area.  Snow is starting to intensify.  Tomorrow I will post some pictures. 

The Lab is running around the back yard making dog snow angels.  We are well prepared for this storm with snow blower and 5 KW generator.  We will see what the morning brings.  For you guys in the mid-west and Canada this isn’t a big deal but here in the DC area 12 inches cripples the infrastructure.    Forecasts are in the 20 to 25 range all over with the possibility of 30 to 35”.  Probably TV hype.

Best Regards,  Chet…

General Discussion / Tools Explained - OT
« on: January 22, 2010, 06:27:04 PM »
Tools Explained
DRILL  PRESS:A  tall upright machine useful for  suddenly  snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands  so that it  smacks you in the chest and  flings your beer across the room, denting the  freshly-painted project which you had carefully  set in the  corner where nothing could get  to it.

WIRE  WHEEL:Cleans paint off bolts and  then throws them somewhere under the workbench  with the speed of light. Also removes  fingerprints and hard-earned calluses from  fingers in  about the time it takes you to  say, "Oh, s$!t!"

A portable cutting tool used to  make studs too  short.

PLIERS:Used to  round off bolt heads. Sometimes used in the  creation of blood-blisters.

BELT  SANDER:An electric sanding tool  commonly used to convert minor touch-up jobs  into  major refinishing  jobs.

HACKSAW:One of a  family of cutting tools built on the Ouija board  principle... It transforms human energy into a  crooked, unpredictable motion, and the more you  attempt to influence its course, the  more  dismal your future  becomes.

VISE-GRIPS:Generally  used after pliers to completely round off bolt  heads. If nothing else is available, they can  also be used to transfer intense welding heat to  the palm of your hand.

OXYACETYLENE  TORCH:Used almost entirely for  lighting various flammable objects in your shop  on fire. Also handy for igniting the grease  inside the wheel hub out of which you want to  remove a bearing race..

TABLE  SAW:A large stationary power tool  commonly used to launch wood projectiles for  testing wall integrity.

Used for lowering an  automobile to the ground after you have  installed  your new brake shoes, trapping  the jack handle firmly under the   bumper.

A  large stationary power saw primarily used by  most shops to cut good aluminum sheet into  smaller pieces that more easily  fit into  the trash can after you cut on the inside of the  line instead  of the outside  edge.

A tool for testing the maximum  tensile strength of everything you forgot  to  disconnect.

Normally used to stab  the vacuum seals under lids or for opening  old-style paper-and-tin oil cans and splashing  oil on your shirt; but can also be used, as the  name
implies, to strip  out Phillips  screw heads.

A tool for opening paint  cans. Sometimes used to convert common slotted  screws into non-removable screws and butchering  your palms.

PRY BAR:A  tool used to crumple the metal surrounding that  clip or bracket you needed to remove in order to  replace a 50 cent part.

A tool used to make hoses too  short.

General Discussion / Re: window channel 29 ply
« on: January 22, 2010, 02:24:16 PM »

I am not sure what was originally correct but when I got my car it had old window channel on the top and I replaced one window the same way.


General Discussion / Re: 1929 verses 1930 frame and 4 cyl engine
« on: January 19, 2010, 02:18:19 PM »
I been meaning to tell you also that on the early 30 frame is straight cross members, riveted together. What I can tell from pictures looks just like a 29.


You are probably correct.  I have not seen the 30U frame.  I was just reporting on what the parts manual stated.  The difference in part numbers may account for the welding only.  Another guess is that the X frame was probably employed with the new model transmission and bell housing in that it employed different rear mounts.  Possibly cut in toward the end of the 30U run ??? but definitely for the 31.

Thanks Doug,  Chet…

General Discussion / Re: 1929 verses 1930 frame and 4 cyl engine
« on: January 18, 2010, 07:01:00 PM »
i would like to thank chet for helping me get set up on this forum i like the way you trimed out your running boards with the metal did you have that material made in a shop or find it in a store thanks   dan

Thanks Dan,

Everything was fabricated from standard stuff you can purchase at Lowes.  The only exception was the V Rubber, which came from an industrial floor-covering store.

Total cost for both was under $100.00 bucks.  Here again not original.., but practical.  I am still looking for the original metal running boards but these will work until I find them.

Link to project:

Welcome Aboard,  Chet...

General Discussion / Re: 1929 verses 1930 frame and 4 cyl engine
« on: January 15, 2010, 01:08:12 AM »
The Plymouth parts manual shows a different part number for the 30U frame.  I know the 30U boasted a welded frame.  The 28 & 29 frames were bolted together.  Whether the frames are interchangeable I couldn’t tell you.  You might have to look at them.  There were two distinct styles.  Double Drop Straight Frame & The Rigid.X Double Drop Frame.  I believe the straight frame was used for the 28 & 29 I am not sure about the 30U.  The rigid X frame had an X cross member.   I believe the 28 & 29 has a straight cross member.   I don’t know when the X frame was cut into production.

My 2 cents,  Chet…

General Discussion / Re: replacement carb
« on: January 13, 2010, 04:04:47 PM »

I currently have a Tillotson on my car.  Off hand I don’t know the model number and it works just fine.  The only problem is that this particular carburetor orients the air cleaner in the wrong direction.  Not really a problem but I thought I would mention it.  I recently picked up a NOS Universal Zenith single barrel updraft carb manufactured in the late 50’s or 60’s.  It gives you a lot of latitude for adjusting the gas mixture since it was manufactured to fit most single port updraft applications from trackers to autos.  I have yet to install the carb so I can’t really comment but it also should work just fine.  Air filter orientation is correct on this one.

Happy hunting,  Chet…

General Discussion / Re: luggage rack
« on: January 13, 2010, 03:45:14 PM »
I think you have come across the infamous “chicken before the egg problem”.   If you plan to take a long road trip the trunk would be very convenient then again for a long road trip the spare tire would also be a must. 

What a dilemma, let me know what you decide because I have also toyed with the idea of putting a trunk on the back.  I guess you could just carry a new inner tube and the split rim tool in case of a flat.


General Discussion / Re: luggage rack
« on: January 13, 2010, 02:28:08 PM »
I think the problem you will encounter is not so much finding a bracket that will fit but the question is what to do with the spare tire.   If you leave it in the back I think the trunk would hang out over the rear bumper and that might not look right.  I’m not sure ?


General Discussion / Re: luggage rack
« on: January 13, 2010, 03:14:33 AM »

According to the 1928 to 33 Plymouth Master Parts List the trunk option was not offered until the PA model and the Top Opening Trunk would work with side mounted wheels.  The earliest reference was for the PA Deluxe Sedan and Phaeton.  Part Number 350374.

I would think the trunk with the rear mounted tire might be a problem.  Please let us know if you find anything that might work.


General Discussion / Re: clutch photos
« on: January 06, 2010, 03:42:28 AM »

Nice Job,  Excellent Work !  :)  :)  ::)


General Discussion / Re: 1929 Ignition Switch
« on: January 05, 2010, 02:21:35 PM »

I have been looking for a complete ignition switch assembly for my 29 since I bought my car.  It appears that they are few and far between.  Over the years I have picked up pieces of the switch.., working coil, key switch, decal, etc. ( not cheep )  But I still don’t have enough to make the complete assembly.  I need the dash plate and mounting hardware.  The 30 & 31 models had a third position for auxiliary items.

Good luck, If you get any leads on two of these let me know.

Happy New Year,  Chet…

General Discussion / Re: crank pulley removal
« on: December 11, 2009, 06:43:44 AM »

Could it be welded ?

General Discussion / Re: 6 Volt Fuel Pump - will this work?
« on: December 10, 2009, 02:13:03 PM »

I use a low output 12vdc electric fuel pump I purchased from Car Quest I believe it is 2 psi.  My car didn't have the Vacuum pump when I first purchased her and since I have acquired the pump but have yet to hook it up since the electric one works just fine.  The owner before me used two batteries I added an inverter that converts 6vdc negative ground to 12 vdc positive ground.  Intended to be used to put modern radios into old cars.


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