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General Discussion / 1931 PA - Ignition timing
« on: April 15, 2014, 09:31:17 PM »
The engine in my Plymouth PA is misfiring and is not running very smooth as well.
I'm quite sure it comes from a bad ignition timing, but I have some problems to set it right. Which probably is due to my lack of experience with this ignition system. I think the “automatic spark advance” is my main problem.
Somebody told me the vacuum only pulls the distributor to full advance as soon the engine fires and stays in this position? In my case this can't be, but I'm not sure if everything is OEM on my Distributor.
Pulling means it will set the Distributor (clockwise) to the full retarded position and as soon the engine revs (no vacuum) it will advance the spark to the full advanced position by the internal spring in the “automatic spark advance unite” (counterclockwise).
So when the Engine is not running, the distributor is full advanced and retards as soon the Engine idles (max. Vacuum)

The owner's manual (Page 42) is also contradictory on this point:
“Spark Advance (Automatic): For all road driving conditions the spark is automatically advanced by the engine speed. A mechanical-vacuum control retards the spark at low speeds when the throttle is closed and the engine is idling. When cranking the engine by hand, the spark is in its **full retarded position and advances the moment the engine starts to run under its own power.”

**how can it be in his full retarded position without vacuum???

Question: Should I set the Ignition timing (0.046" before TDC) in the full retarded position or in the full advanced??

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

Hello to everyone,
my Name is Roland from Bavaria/Germany, started to restore a 31 PA Fordor Sedan a couple month ago.
Just would introduce my self before I start asking many questions.  :)
As you may can imaging I'm around 8.000mls away from good parts stores, etc.
Hope I can gain some information's about early Plymouth here.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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