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General Discussion / New brake drums for my 1931 Plymouth PA
« on: August 25, 2014, 04:53:33 PM »
New drums for my 1931 Plymouth PA

After a long summer of many major mechanical repairs my last project for this year was to address the drums. I searched high and low for replacement drums (11x1.5) with no luck.

My last option was to make something work as my drums were way beyond spec and not safe to drive with. I found the 1931 Model A drums matched the size but in order to make all this work would need machine work. I removed the hubs from the Plymouth drums, machined the center hole in the Model A drums to match the step in the Plymouth drums, machined new holes for the wheel studs and moved the hubs to the inside of the drum as on the Plymouth they are on the outside of the drum. Brake shoes are relined and all seals are new. I did have to add a small shim behind the backing plate to allow the new drum to make complete contact with the shoe, roughly .010.

This has been far from easy or cheap but the finished results were well worth the hours, dollars, and challenges.

Here are a few pictures for reference:

General Discussion / Rear oil seal transmission 1931 PA
« on: April 28, 2014, 03:51:37 PM »
I just completed rebuilding from the block back on my 31 PA. Pulled the bell housing and installed a new bushing at the clutch fork, NOS pressure plate, clutch plate, throwout bearing, media blasted everything, and painted everything. Along the way I did replace the rear engine seal with a modern neoprene seal.
Previously I rebuilt the rear pinion seal and media blasted the drive shaft.
Looking below she looks like a new car.
Now for the question:
I took her out for a test drive and the both the engine seal and rear seal are tight, no leaks. I did find gear oil leaking from the rear of the transmission just before the parking brake housing. Im aware an oil seal exist at the rear of the transmission but am asking for some info on how to get to it?
Does anyone have experience with this seal? Do I need to pull the transmission, parking brake housing, or can the work be done with the floor boards removed and the car on jacks? The books I have on her simply say rear oil seal with no direction for remove and replace.
Thank you, Patrick

General Discussion / Newbe to this forum, 1931 Plymouth PA
« on: January 27, 2014, 06:31:17 PM »
Just a quick hello from Apache Junction AZ! Looking forward to being a part of this forum.

 I'm the proud owner of a 1931 Plymouth PA. A quick history. Nellie as we call her was manufactured on Aug 15th, 1931 (I sent away to Chrysler and received the build card). My Wife's great Uncle purchased her new in Younstown Ohio. He along with most the family lived in Jefferson County Ohio (NE Ohio) till he served and died in WWII. The car was parked in the family barn, yes a barn car. My Wife's Father pulled her out in 1985 and started the restoration. He was never able to complete the restoration as he passed after a battle with cancer in 1995. His very good friend then continued off and on to complete the project as a promise to my Father-In-Law. Three years ago my wife and I drove back to the family farm and brought her to our home in Apache Junction AZ.

Since arriving in her new home I have spent many hours along with my Uncle getting her road worthy. A short list: Resealed the fuel tank inside out, milled the head along with tracking down the head gasket, rebuilt the Carter Carb, NOS fuel pump, rebuilt the distributer, replace the coil, pulled and rebuilt all of the wheel brake cylinders as well as the master cylinder, tightened every bolt, and this past weekend completed the rear pinion. The rear was fun as I had to have a new flange fabricated since the old flange was fused to the rear spline.

I do love working on and driving this car.

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