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General Discussion / Re: National Plymouth Meet, Tucson AZ
« on: April 20, 2013, 04:28:09 AM »
Hey OM.  I am bummed about the damage to my car but I am looking at the positive side of the experience.  Me and the car got to Tucson and back under our own power, safely, and with the tires on the pavement where they should be!

General Discussion / Re: National Plymouth Meet, Tucson AZ
« on: April 18, 2013, 05:19:56 AM »
Well, this is not about '28 or '29 Plymouths but I wanted to show you all something.  Many of you have probably heard about getting caught in sand storms on the desert and having your car sand blasted, literally.  It happened to me while returning from Tucson to my home in northern CA.  While driving I-10 in the vicinity of Palm Springs, we (me, a '37 coupe and a '40's coupe being pulled on a trailer) all got into a real doozy of a sand storm.  At one point the sand and dust in the air was so bad I could not see more than a couple of feet in front of me, and because I had pushed in the clutch to slow even more, the head wind brought me to a complete stop on the freeway!  I didn't know I had completely stopped because the dirt blowing past gave the illusion of forward movement.  I was completely shocked when I looked down at the road beneath me and saw that I was stopped!  Fortunately the pickup towing the 40's car was behind me protected my 6 o'clock, otherwise with those little '35 tail-lights obscured by blowing dirt, I am sure I would have been rear-ended.  But I wasn't the only one stopped.  It was truly incredible.  I am posting several pictures for comparison; the front and rear bumper (notice the difference in the paint above the bumpers) and the front and rear license plate (the front was as good as the back before the storm).  Additional damage includes all leading edges, all fenders, the cowl and trim, the windshield is toast and the trim is pitted, the wheels, trim rings and hubcaps also bought the farm.  But the car did great otherwise and went to Tucson and back (almost 2000 mi) with no major problems (except one vapor lock on the desert); I generally got 17-18 mpg (high 21 with tail wind and low 13 mpg with head wind) and it used 1 gallon of oil.  Need to check the alignment and will be installing seat belts; one feels pretty vulnerable on CA freeways without them.  I will also be looking at used covered trailers for my next big trip! 

General Discussion / Re: National Plymouth Meet, Tucson AZ
« on: April 12, 2013, 07:47:46 AM »
Heaters; my '35 has none even though it spent it's first 75 years in Michigan! Go figure.  The '33 has a nice after-market heat that is correct for the year.  Tod Fitch, the owner, reports it works real well.  I don't know about the '37 and the '46 but I will find out.  We arrived in Tucson today.  No major problems for any of the cars.  Looking forward to tomorrow and checking out the cars that are already here and those that will arrive.  I am attaching some car pictures.  A couple of others joined us today in AZ; a '52 with trailer, and a '46 custom built "woody".   There is a group picture and one of me and my '35 out on the desert.  Stay tuned.  Kim

General Discussion / Re: National Plymouth Meet, Tucson AZ
« on: April 11, 2013, 04:14:04 PM »
Well, after 2 twelve hour days of driving the 2-lane roads of CA and AZ, our little 4 car caravan has made it to Gila Bend AZ.  About 3 hrs of driving today will bring us in to Tucson.  So far, no one has had any major problems.  We have cruised along at 55 mph, sometime up to 60 mph with no problems.  Getting lots of waves and "thumbs up" along the way.  I'm having fun but I wish we would take more breaks from driving to take some pictures along the way that I could share here.  I'll get more in the next few days.  Just a reminder, if there is something or particular part that any of you would like me to check out and possibly photograph for you, send me the specific info and I will try.  Here's a picture of our little caravan 2 days ago at Mt Pinos, about 7000 ft elev; quite a climb up from the valley but we all made it.  Still snow on the ground up there.  Yesterday was all desert; Joshua trees and Saguaro cactus.  Have to run; getting ready to get on the road.  Kim

General Discussion / Re: National Plymouth Meet, Tucson AZ
« on: April 10, 2013, 04:31:22 PM »
Well, the sedan has sailed so to speak.  The 4 cars, a '33 2 dr sedan, my '35 deluxe sedan, a '37 coupe, and a 46 sedan all arrived together in Hesperia CA (east of LA) after almost a 12 hr day.  The 46 didn't like the grades up to Mt Pinos (elev about 7000 ft at the pass); no breakdowns, just slow, like it's losing fuel at the carb.  I will get your pictures providing the car's owner(s) are agreeable.  I don't think there will be a problem and I'm happy to do it.  I want to know too.  Have to go.  We leave in 30 min for Gila Bend AZ.  Pictures later.  Kim

General Discussion / National Plymouth Meet, Tucson AZ
« on: April 08, 2013, 09:17:24 PM »
I am leaving tomorrow to drive my '35 to Tucson along with a '33 2dr sedan, '37 coupe, and a '46 sedan from the SF Bay area.  The one-way trip is over 900 mi and will all be on 2-lane roads; should be an interesting adventure!  I was thinking that if any forum members wanted me to get a picture of something on a particular model/year car I would try to do that if you will reply to this post with the specific request.  I'll also try to post some pictures of our trip and the event.  Kim Mc

General Discussion / Re: I need some advise...
« on: April 04, 2013, 05:47:23 PM »
To OM: thanks for the headliner info.  Now I for sure want to strengthen the bows by adding the plywood strips.  If that doesn't stiffen them enough, maybe I will end up replacing all of them.

To SDGlenn & Frank:  Hey guys, I too have a convertible Mustang ('67).  I am currently doing a "resto-mod" on it.  I don't want to pollute this Forum with Mustang chatter, but we have the makings of a "Secret Society" within the Plymouth Club! :) Maybe we can talk later via email.

General Discussion / Re: I need some advise...
« on: April 04, 2013, 12:33:05 AM »
Thanks for the reply and info Frank.  I have no idea at this point how the replacement headliner is secured to the bows.  I think the tacks in mine might have been an attempt to put a sagging headliner back in place.  I don't think it would have come from the factory with tacks showing across the headliner.  I kept the old headliner so I will pull it out and see if I can figure this out.  At any rate, I don't think a little extra wood along the bows will change much, if anything.  I would hate to skip the reinforcement step and then have a bow crack or break after the new top is on!  Thanks for sending your thoughts along to me.

General Discussion / Re: I need some advise...
« on: April 03, 2013, 05:36:07 PM »
Well, I hadn't thought about that.  I wonder if it will make a difference?  I was going to make the additional support pieces just slightly smaller (top to bottom measure) than the bows, then glue, clamp, and staple them.  The end result would be the original bow sandwiched between the 2 pieces of 3/16 plywood; so about 3/8" of wood would be added to each bow.  The other option I considered was to just make new bows but they are cut with a 1/2" "crown" in the they really are bowed up a bit.  My bandsaw is down and needs work so without a good way to cut the long curved pieces, I decided to reinforce the existing bows.  But now you've got me rethinking that.  Hmmmmm.......  How exactly do you think the headliner might be affected?  In my '29 it was just tacked to the bottom of the bows but maybe that was not the original method of attachment?  Let me know your thinking.  Thanks.

General Discussion / Re: I need some advise...
« on: April 03, 2013, 08:15:31 AM »
Took some time out from getting the '35 ready for the Tucson road trip today to work some more on the top wood of the '29 coupe.  I finished removing the top slats today.  Many of the slats had splits and cracks so replacement seemed the right choice.  Besides, with the slats out of the way, repair of the rear right corner dry rot will be easier (but still difficult).  There are 15 slats from front to back across the top wood bows.  Each slat is 1/4" thick x 1 3/4" wide; I am going to mill new ones from poplar stock that I found and Home Depot; these are already planned to 1/4" thick x 6" wide x 48" long.  I'll be able to rip these down and get 3 from each.  Total cost for the poplar stock was about $40, but it saves me a lot of work planning thicker stock down and making lots of sawdust out of perfectly good boards.  I am uncertain what wood the original slats were made of but it was not oak.  The rest of the wood I've looked at closely in the cabin framing is oak.  The 4 top bows and 1" x 1" oak with some cracks and weak spots I've glued but they still need reinforcement.  So, the plan is to laminate 3/16" plywood to both sides of each top bow.  I think that will strengthen them enough.  Each slat was nailed to each cross bow with 2 "holdfast" nails and another 1 or 2 in each end (picture provided for any purists who want to do things like originally done).  Me, I'm going to use my pneumatic narrow crown stapler to fasten the new slats.  I took a picture of the slatless top but it may be hard to tell what is what because one is looking through the top and the car to stuff on the other side.  You can see I am continuing to fill nail holes  (toothpic carpentry).  I didn't finish that task 'cause I ran out of toothpics...that was a box of 250 each broken in half!!  That's a lot of filled holes.  Like I said, I think the old girl had her top off a few times...!!

General Discussion / Re: I need some advise...
« on: April 01, 2013, 05:19:29 PM »
Hey Glenn and Frank.  Thanks for the feed-back.  I expect I will get little time to work on the '29 this week as I need to get the '35 and myself ready for the trip.  I noticed this weekend that a front headlight is out so that will be near the top of the list.  And a lube and oil change too.  Plus all the other little things to take care of before the road trip.  But I am looking forward to the caravan from the SF Bay area to Tucson with about 6-8 others and their cars.  Glenn, I am looking forward to meeting you.  I will likely be wearing a black baseball cap that has "Plymouth" across the front.  Hope I make it there and back with no car troubles...and you do too.  Have a good week, guys.

General Discussion / Re: I need some advise...
« on: April 01, 2013, 03:05:54 AM »
Hmmmmmm....something happened to picture in the ether somewhere I suppose....or maybe "operator error".  Here's picture 1 for the previous post.

General Discussion / Re: I need some advise...
« on: April 01, 2013, 03:03:08 AM »
Well, work on repair and replacement of the wood in the top of my '29 business coupe (pic 1) continues but seems to be interrupted frequently so progress is real slow.  I pondered not replacing the top slats or only doing the ones that were badly split (pic 2) but I decided that the other wood repairs I want to do will be easier with the top slats out of the way.  So, they are coming out and I think it was the right decision.  Many of them need replacement.  Filling holes with toothpics continues; there are many more yet to do.  There is a 1/2 inch wide strip of thin metal (similar to plumber's strapping metal) that ran across the ends of the slats at the front and back (pic 2).  This strip was tacked down over the slat on either side of it to help hold it in place (the front of each slat was not tacked so this metal held the front ends in place; the back of each slat was tacked and covered by the metal tacked down on either side of the slat).  Lots of holes to fill!  I haven't been able to find a replacement for this flexible steel strapping.  I am considering replacing it with copper strapping.  I plan to use narrow crown steel staples to secure the wood slats and metal strap.  However, I was wondering if the contact of dissimilar metals may cause one or both metals to corrode quickly (galvanic action)?  Anybody have any thoughts?  The '35 Plymouth Deluxe Sedan in the background is my unrestored car that I will be driving to Tucson in 10 days.  Hope that goes well; it's over 900 mi one-way so hope the old girl can manage it!  So, work continues, but slowly.  But, it's spring!  Yea!!

General Discussion / Re: POC National meet in Tucson
« on: March 14, 2013, 03:14:14 AM »
Hi Glenn.  I am planning on driving my '35 Deluxe sedan (unrestored original) from Lodi CA to Tucson (almost 1000 mi one way!).  I hope this is not a half-baked idea but at least I will be traveling with others from the northern CA area (POC Golden State Region).  Although I won't be anywhere near your route, I sure hope we can meet while we are there.  Maybe we can figure out a way to do that.  Have a safe trip.  Kim

General Discussion / Re: I need some advise...
« on: March 10, 2013, 05:23:57 PM »
Hi OM!  Well, I am retired, so that accounts for the free time.  But I can't spend all my time and money in the garage do things that are fun for me...I have to take care of the one who takes care of me!  As they say, "happy wife, happy life!"  As for the inordinate amount of money...I wish that was so....then I would just be "helping" with this restoration work instead of struggling through much of it by my self!  :)   I save the $$ in order to do those things I don't have the knowledge and skills to do....I am envious of those "mechanics" on the forum that obviously can tackle any job on these old cars. The exchange of information via this forum has helped me a lot; it is a valuable "library" for 1st hand information.  By the way, I think you and I are about the same age and that ain't so old! :)

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