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General Discussion / Re: Starter swich
« on: March 31, 2008, 03:04:43 AM »
   I bought one from Carson's a few years back.  They had two more at that time, however, they were pricy at $60 each.  I could have done better on ebay.  They do not show up often on ebay, but every now and then I see one.  In any case, be sure you get a good description, as some of the old Master Parts lists for Starter switches are not correct.   Carson's, 235 Shawfarm, Holliston, MA 01746, PH: 508-429-2269
   If I were you, I would try and take it apart.  Most likely the contacts are burned. If so, you can sand them clean and reassemble the switch.  You have nothing to lose.  I fixed an old Model T floor switch that way.
29U 4 Door Sedan

Thanks guys.  I drained the vacuum tank completely, cleaned the lower unit out and made sure the upper vacuum tank was empty.  I cleaned the glass bowl and filter screen while I was at it, and put in a new filter bowl gasket.   I then added enough clean fuel to allow the engine to start.  I replaced the "new" gas cap with the original one, but first I checked it and made sure it had a good vent, which it does.  So now I need to test it out.  However, must wait till next weekend to do that.  Will let you know how it goes.


Thanks.  I had put a new replacement gas cap on, since my original one leaked a bit.  I'll put the old gas cap back on the gas tank and try that.

The Original Kingston Vacume Fuel Pump has worrked pretty well on my 29 Plymouth for over 30 years.  However, this weekend the tank overflowed, and I believe fuel was being drawn into the oil pump.  I have aways wondered what type of check valve was used to prevent this from happening.  Now I will have to take the tank apart and find out.

If anyone has any experience with this problem, I would appreciate some advice.


General Discussion / Re: Inside door handles.
« on: March 11, 2008, 05:27:26 AM »
Years ago I put Ford Model A handles in mine - that was all I could afford at 17.  They look fine and fit perfectly.  Original type repoductions would be great, but pricey.  I still have some of the original handles - but they are unserviceable.  Will look for the original windshield crank.  The only original inside handle I am still using is actually a rear window knob that I moved to the front windshield.

General Discussion / Re: Floor covering
« on: March 11, 2008, 05:21:58 AM »
Chet, I do not think the floor rubber was glued down in front.  I used to have an original and it had a brown insulation pad glued to the back.  It did not fit snug around the gear/hand brake or pedals.  Separate rubber pieces with steel reinforcements covered those parts.  I wish I kept them but they were in such bad shape they were thrown out years ago.  The separate pieces can be purchased from Steel, but they are pricey.

General Discussion / Re: 30U rear main oil seal
« on: March 11, 2008, 05:12:22 AM »
Regarding the rear main seal - I agree - if it's not leaking much, leave it alone.  I have replaced the "new" type split steel/neoprene rear seal on my 29U without removing the engine.  I removed the Xsmsn and flywheel, then dropped the pan and removed the rear main bearing cap.  Then loosen the center and front bearing cap a little so the crank will drop just enough so you can remove and replace the top half of the rear main seal. Trick is to install both halves before the main cap is replaced.  I also recommend cleaing the surfaces good and putting some Permatex 300 or Aviation gasket seal between the seal and the block/cap.

If you have the original type rope seal, I do not have experience replacing those, but I am told they too can be done without removing the engine.

I would not install the new split type on 28Q, 29U or 30U unless the opening has been enlarged to fit by a machince shop (requires engine removal)- otherwise it will leak.

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