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General Discussion / A Sunday Drive
« on: October 19, 2008, 10:59:06 PM »

I took the old girl out for a drive after I finished the yard work.  I stopped at a local park and snapped the picture below.    The sun was setting so it came out a little washed out but just thought I would share it anyway.

When I stopped for gas at the local 7/11, a passerby asked if the car came equipped with air bags I said no.., be it comes standard with two old bags. 


General Discussion / Re: Down Under 29
« on: September 26, 2008, 06:47:24 PM »
Hi George,

And welcome to this forum.  As you can imagine we are not a very large group but then again not everyone is lucky enough to own one of these old beauties.

You are right in that Walter P made a great decision in building his cars with hydraulic brakes.  Driving on the road today it is comforting knowing that you have a pretty good chance at stopping especially in an emergency.   This of course is a little more difficult in a Modal A or a Chevy of the same period. 

By the way nice car, I also own a 29 4 door sedan which I drive as often as possible.


Northern Virginia


Congratulations on the promotion and also on your first car show award.  It also sounds like you might want to be careful with the oil and exhaust fumes.

Do you plan to rebuild the motor yourself or are you going to send the block out for rework. I would be very interested in that project and your outcome. 

Have you done a compression check yet?  I am also curious on the result of a compression test.   If you pop off the head take some pictures and post them. 

Good luck with the car, and thanks for the update.   

Maybe someone else can help you with the parts search,

PS… You might try Terrill Machine Inc. -  They rebuild flatheads.  A couple of years back these guys didn't have what I needed but recommended someone who could help me on another project.  They are in Texas, might be worth a call... 254-893-2610.  If you reach them let us know if they can help with the motor parts.


General Discussion / Re: 1929 4-door Plymouth value
« on: September 19, 2008, 01:39:18 AM »
Hi and welcome to this forum,

The question you asked depends on a number of things and without pictures it is very had to estimate a price.  All I can tell you is that I purchased my 29 4 door for about 6K with original motor and a transmission that needed to be fixed with brakes that were not working and missing a lot of original parts.  I was looking for this type of car because I love Plymouths and am very happy with my current result.  I have over the last two years made this car road worthy.  If I sold it today I would be looking in the 8K to 10K area.

See photo below…


General Discussion / OT - Las Vegas Trip
« on: September 07, 2008, 10:38:27 PM »
I was in Loss Wages on business this week and had the opportunity to meet up with P15D24 Forum Member Richard Fleetwood (forum handle RFleetwood).  Rich showed me his project car a 1950 Plymouth 2 door convertible.  Sorry that I only took one picture but the battery on my camera was done and I was lucky to snap the one below. 

The car is all there but needs a good deal of TLC.  Rich has the drive train out and intends to put in a Mopar 318 V8 with automatic transmission.  He is currently welding in new floor metal and once completed, he will be removing the body for a frame off restoration and customization.   The floor is coming out great due to Rich’s excellent welding skills and he has already put in cross members to keep the body true when he pulls it off the frame.

Lots of work to be done but when finished this is going to be one sweet ride.

I know this is Off Topic for our forum but I get a big kick out of meeting others in the hobby and seeing what they are doing to keep their old Plymouths on the road.  Remember the better majority of Plymouths out there are just not good candidates for all original show queens.  But most make great drivers and most of the drivers are nice people.


General Discussion / Re: Brake drums
« on: September 02, 2008, 03:06:01 PM »

The following is just my opinion and I don’t know how valid it is. 

Remember just my opinion;

Judging by the thickness of the brake drums on the 28 & 29 Plymouth I am assuming that they weren’t designed to be resurfaced like modern drums.   I am sure that any mechanic, shade tree or otherwise would clean up a drum in reasonably good shape with emery cloth or quite possibly mount the drums on a motorized device and sand and polish the inner drum surface.

I checked my 1924 Chilton Automobile Directory of Replacement Parts Buyers and found nothing on Drum resurfacing equipment.  I found plenty of machines for other purposes like Brake Band Riveting but none for drum resurfacing.  My guess is that drums of the time were throwaway and replace. 

Keep in mind that these vehicles are low speed so I wouldn’t get totally hung up on creating a perfectly pristine drum surfaces.  If you can great, but in reality these cars will rarely surpass speeds of 50 mph and most of your driving is in the 25 to 45 mph area.  Some groves in the drum surface may create an annoying squeak but with the amount of miles these cars are driven it could take years to develop.

If you do mount these drums on a resurface machine I would take off 0.020 +- 0.010 of an inch and call it quits.  What is left should work for a good long time so you can still use the car while you search for replacement drums.

Just my two & one half cents,   

Good Luck,  Chet…

General Discussion / Re: Chris.., How is your 28 coming.?
« on: August 24, 2008, 10:37:47 PM »
This weekend I was fighting a chest cold so instead of working on my 48 I decided to stay home and fool around with the 29.  In the morning I greased her and installed a vintage Arrroooghaa horn that I picked up on eBay.   It is an EA Mileaway Model “S”, made by E. A. Laboratories Inc. Brooklyn, N. Y.  It was in great shape and works like new.

Anyway I drove from Sterling to my daughter’s house in Leesburg which is about a 30 mile round trip.  A car passed me which had a little old lady who looked to be 95 if she was a day.  She was grinning from ear to ear and really light up when I hit the Arrroooghaa horn.  She waved frantically and smiled as she probably recalled a few interesting memories of her youth which my car awakened. 

Dropped the wife off at my daughter's house and headed home.

I certainly understand your enthusiasm for driving.

I plan on taking the car to work tomorrow.  No rain in the forecast.


General Discussion / Re: Master cylinder disassembly?
« on: August 24, 2008, 09:48:08 PM »
Chet, I just realized my picture is different than yours because my book is a 28.  I did not try to take the end off, what I thought to be a rubber gasket inside there was not.  Underneath the inlet fitting I have a hole about 3/16 that is wide open and an small orafice that I stuck a piece of .030 copper wire into.  The wire stops and I didn't force it.  Should this little hole be open into the cylinder area also?  I cannot see any light through it either.  My diagram although slightly different has a "compensating relief port" in that area. The bigger one is labled "secondary fluid port".



That little hole should go clear through to the cylinder.  The hole is very small at the cylinder wall so maybe use high pressure air to clear it.  It is a bleed hole to allow the hydraulic cylinder to equalize on both sides of the piston.  I am not sure if you can see light through it but you should feel air flow when you apply air preasure. 


That aluminum piece was the remains from the original valve.  This part is replaced by the kit (valve & rubber washer).  So it is no longer necessary.

My 2 cents,  Chet...

General Discussion / Re: Master cylinder disassembly?
« on: August 23, 2008, 01:56:07 PM »
Okay Has anyone successfully unscrewed the master cylinder head and got it back on without wrecking it?


I removed the rear piece but there really isn’t any reason to do so.  There is nothing inside just empty space.  Make sure your return port is clear before you reassemble the Master cylinder.  Item 9 in the diagram.

I honed the cylinder and installed the kit.

 hope this helps,  Chet…

General Discussion / Re: tie rod ends
« on: August 18, 2008, 06:54:38 AM »

Have you tried removing the grease fitting and cleaning it.  It might just be clogged with either dried grease or maybe rusty.

My 2 cents, Chet…

General Discussion / Any Forum Members in the Las Vegas Area
« on: July 30, 2008, 12:47:41 AM »

I will be in Las Vegas on business the week of August 11th.   Any member wishing to get together for a quick hello and maybe a brewski please let me know.  I have limited time but could hook up any night Monday to Thursday.  Flying in Monday and out early Friday morning.

A work in progress since September 2004 - Getting close to finish paint.

My weekend driver 1929 Plymouth U


General Discussion / Re: Catchin up
« on: July 28, 2008, 05:01:40 PM »
Our trip was posted on a forum, click on ride reports, then TWO Thumpers and a Twin by John Snyder


Very cool…  I hope you don’t mind but I posted the link to the thread because it did take some searching to find it. 

Intense Forum Activity – When I viewed the post there were 3,330 members logged in.

PS…  I think I detect an old Plymouth in the background..

What a great adventure, Chet...

General Discussion / Re: Catchin up
« on: July 27, 2008, 04:41:45 PM »
An Alaskan vacation.., sounds like a great thing to do in the heat of the summer. 

Any pictures from the great white north.?


General Discussion / Chris.., How is your 28 coming.?
« on: July 25, 2008, 05:19:19 PM »
Just curious,


General Discussion / Re: downloadable manual
« on: July 15, 2008, 10:09:57 PM »
I have made the 1936 to 48 Plymouth Master Parts Manual available online at The password is <password >.

I am working on scanning the 28 to 36 Parts Reference Manual along with other documents but with all the projects I currently have open it will be quite sometime before I have the bandwidth to actually finish them.  Believe it or not it is an incredibly time consuming task.

If you find it somewhere else please let us know.


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