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July 4th Drive...
« on: July 05, 2007, 08:39:20 PM »
I took the 29-U out for a 76 mile drive on July 4th.   The weather was beautiful so why not.  I encounter many different types of road conditions from average city streets to super highways and also deserted country roads.   The car ran great.  It looks like my Gas problems are behind me now.  The 2 psi electric fuel pump along with cleaning out the gas tank really made a big difference.

Along the way I make a wrong turn and found myself on a three-lane highway with six miles to go before the first chance to exit.  I ran her up to the blazing speed of 50 mph with throttle to spare.  I turned on my newly installed 4 way flashers to warn motorists of my high rate of speed.  Many drivers were impressed and gave me the thumbs up as I passed them.  Some drivers were so impressed that they sent me the “You’re number one sign”.   At least that is what I figured they meant in that they only held up one finger.  My wife said that I should wave back so I gave them the “Your number one sign in response to their generous tribute.

What a great 4th.  Picture below is a memento of the trip.  A one lane crossing on the way to my Daughter’s Townhouse in Leesburg.  Here again while snapping the picture of my car on the one lane crossing the other drivers waiting to cross kept giving me the “You’re # 1 hand sign.  What a friendly town…

PS....   The wife wanted me to confess that no motorists were angered or annoyed by my escapades on July 4th.   I just thought my version of the story was funnier.   I will say that everyone who ran across my car on Wednesday either on the road or off were very happy to see the old Girl still on the road.
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Re: July 4th Drive...
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2007, 06:52:43 PM »
Sounds like you had a very good day. I wanted to take my 29 U out but have not finished the brakes. Your car looks great.