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1934 dodge

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I would add that I myself would sorta be happy to find the hole, at least you know now why the car was prob. never finished. Good chance seller knew that was a problem and lost interest because of the mountain of a job that it appeared to have been.
I would assume at this point that otherwise you are good to go once you get that hole plugged up, it would be a shame to get rid of what I am assuming is the original engine for numbers reason so again hope you can find a way to save her.

You must be familiar with welding cast iron, the cracking problem with too much heat. It the cracks aren't too large maybe try drilling a hole, run threads then an allen screw. If the hole is to large perhaps more drill holes and repeat with more tapping and allen screws. Just an Idea. I have never had much luck welding cast iron. Good luck.
SD Glenn

Unfortunately the engine is not her own but from a later Plymouth , I am trying to save her only because it has so much new parts and machine work done!
Glens idea will suite part of the repair but not all we will see soon as next week I start 4 weeks holidays and will give it my all !

Well boys and girls !
Today is 1st day of my 4 weeks holiday and I spent it grinding out crack in my dodge engine heated it up tp 300 deg C.  For an hour, in our pizza oven (of all places) lifted it out onto block of wood welded 1/2inch at time and preened the daylights out of the weld while doing this had a propane blower heater on block to help keep heat in, mind you today's temp was 32 deg.c  I was sweating more than a boxer training in a desert on a summers day, I think it took a total of 45 to 50 min. To weld. And peen non stop.
Engine block is now on a slow cool down over 2 days in oven wood fired ,I did see the cam bearings start to melt out of there shells but will replace them if pressure test Checks out OK  and no more signs of crack in block. Will find out after Monday if it's a success or not, I did give it my best shot.

Engine block is now down to 210 deg c after 24 hours, just wondering if it's cooling to slow !


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