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Engine Timing and Valve Positioning

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The spark control was originally designed to retard the timing to just after TDC to allow the operator to crank the motor easier but more importantly to prevent kick back that could injure the person cranking the motor.    Of course all the early cars of the period worked similar so the Model A guys have it correct.  A modern engine like my 1948 Plymouth uses centrifugal and vacuum advance technology to eliminate the need for the spark control cable.

BTW… Never try to crank start your car by hand with the motor timing advanced.   Could be very painful.

Cheers Chet…

I got it! :)

I have always left the dash knob in and would only pull it out to retard if I ever had to hand crank just for that reason... I hope I never have to use the crank for starting!

I think I will be tackling the carb in the next few days.   While watching the motor run for a while, it started to idle a little rougher and the vacuum gauge needle dropped a little and was not steady.  The carb looked real wet, especially near the top, and looked to be flooding.  I revved it up some until things got smoother and needle on the gauge went back to where it was.  I think the float is sticking and/or it's dirty inside.  If you recall, when the car left me stranded the last time, the carb flooded bad and there was gas everywhere.

It's probably due to be taken apart since the last time I rebuilt it and repaired the float was 12 years ago.


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