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Looks Like I Need a Wheel Cylinder

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Articifer Tom:
You may lose lots of pedal as you increase the volume of fluid needed for master to fill cylinders. That's why you have a 1-1/4" bore on your master  and it is four times the length of one wheel  cylinders stroke plus a little . 1-3/8 will give you great stopping ,but it may not be until second pump . Just a thought .
  The turn around on my rebuild was less 2 weeks with shipping . You can let one leak or take it off , cap it ,and use on three. While sending  four back if your spares are same .

I might consider doing that and shows until the Fall anyway, but I like to get out and drive every 2-3 weeks. 

I've got three spare cylinder cores plus the one on the car (right rear) that is leaking. 

Also going to do the brakes linings...I have some NOS linings that have the holes in them that just need to be riveted on the shows.   They are asbestos, however.

So I had my cylinders re-sleeved and shoes religned by Brake and Equipment warehouse in MN.  In the process of doing the rears (cylinders and shoes) and will most likely do the fronts next weekend.  I'll also be tightening up the spokes on the left rear wheel.  Once done, will adjust brakes and bleed. 

The only thing I'm contemplating is whether or not to do the brake lines or leave well enough alone for now.

Thoughts?  Any local place like NAPA stock the break lines?  I saw some on eBay, but not sure about those.

Brake and equipment warehouse made new ones for me. I have seen them on Ebay as wheel.


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