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Articifer Tom:
Check out page 248 part RW2 of The Filling Station catalog . It has new posts available ,that look close . 


--- Quote from: Articifer Tom on November 04, 2016, 05:47:19 PM ---Check out page 248 part RW2 of The Filling Station catalog . It has new posts available ,that look close .

--- End quote ---

Hi Tom,

I checked out the ones on ebay and also the ones from the catalog.  The Chevy 30-33 was a Tryon Shackle but the Shackle pins are to small.  It is a shame that dimensions for old parts are not stated.  Back in the day most auto manufactures used off the shelf manufactured parts which were not proprietary.  If I can't find original parts there are options.  Probably use oil-lite bearings and pin the shackles that I have.  Also discussing this with Tom at Antique Auto Parts.  If I ever find a proper replacement I can always pop out the oil-lite bearings and install the original Tryon Shackle.  I sent the spring I have to EATON Detroit Spring and hopefully they can make me a fresh new set.  They need the old spring mainly to determine the hardness of the material.  In the meantime I am dissembling all the front steering components, they will all be cleaned, painted, and checked for excessive wear.  Anything badly worn will be repaired are replaced.  The good news is the King Pins are in great shape.

Tks Chet...

UPDATE:   Just to be clear:

My goal is always to do no harm to the original components when trying to find a modern day part solution.  
What I mean is..,
I will not modify any original component so that it can not be returned to its historic originality if and when an original part is found. 

My solution for the Tryon Shackle Issue:

After much discussion with various vendors and part restorers I stumbled across a fix that will maintain the historic integrity of my car and I believe also produce a road worthy solution.   I was able to find parts in a trailer store that met the requirements for a reasonable noninvasive fix. 

* 7/8" (0.875") OD to 9/16" ID  -  Teflon spacers.
* 9/16" Shackle Bolt Length 3" with ZERK fitting.
* 1.750" to 2" leaf spring width.
* Shackle Strap 2.250" on Shackle Pin Centers.
The shackle straps are a close match to the remains of the Tryon Shackle Straps.

The total cost of the parts for this fix for both leaf springs was $ 45.54

BTW the Teflon bushings are rated at 4,000 lbs. each.  EATON Detroit Springs are in the process of duplicating my front leaf springs.  The cost is pricey but I believe it will be well worth it.

Once the suspension is brought back to a reasonable and sound condition I will be able to allow the car to rest on its normal suspension and use jacks only to firm up the chassis while I fit the wooden frame and body parts.  This way, when sitting on its normal suspension the stress on the frame parts should be at minimum.  Also once aligned the hope is that it will stay in an aligned state after all the work is completed and the car rests on its normal road worthy suspension.   :)

Jim Yergin:
Congratulations on finding a solution. I enjoy watching your progress.
Jim Yergin

Articifer Tom:
Great solution Chet . I agree with your goals and try to do same . This modification would be hard to be picked up .


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