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REPOST from AACA Forum
« on: August 09, 2018, 05:35:14 PM »
Reposted from AACA Forum
I purchased 2 clutch/pressure plates from him - surface rust but good restorable shape.

I have the left overs of a 1928 Plymouth 4dr sedan that all the wood had rot out & the body fell apart .. We've all seen it. The body panels of this car found a Man who tack welded it together & put it in his Garden.  I have 1 Rear Fender & a few bits of small tin available along with a Trailer load of Small parts, Just about anything you need it Seems.

Chassis Parts, NICE Frame, Front Axle & springs, 2 sets of Bumpers, 2 SILVER DOME 4cyl engines, 1 other that's not marked silver dome.

Bell housings, Transmissions, clutch parts, Fly wheels Bits & pieces .. BOXS of them .

I'll sell the whole trailer load or just 1 part . If you have a weird small part like body brace or a small part, It would help us both if you supply a PICTURE of the part your after . I'm no Plymouth expert

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Re: REPOST from AACA Forum
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2018, 11:52:23 PM »

HaHa !!!!  That's All May Stuff ................ Chet just invited me over, I will do an intro & post better pics i took Today.

I Do Not like to post parts with no Price as i feel a guy is hiding Tall prices when they do that, However I cant price all this stuff part by part but be assured I will be fair & open in my pricing ..

1 because i have no idea about these early Plymouth's ... This is my first go round in the Plymouth world, Have had a few '18-'23 Dodge's though !!

 because I have No Use for them & Hate to see stuff sent to China .... Maybe one of you is close & can come get it ALL !!!!