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Data base of 28 to 30 Plymouth FEDCO numbers

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--- Quote from: mopardave on November 24, 2008, 11:04:10 PM ---The list I have is mostly 28's.  There are a few 29's, but nothing beyond that.  It is by no means complete for 28-30.  It does have Fedco numbers on it and I can check bt Fedco number to see if a specific car was catalogued in 1989.  At that time, the one I have was listed as fouth on the list of oldest survivors, but the owner that is listed was three owners before I got the car.

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Thanks for sending the list.  I have been snowed over with work from my day job so I still haven't had an opportunity to look it over.  I think it is a nice idea to have such a list available, maybe in the private section of this web but I will have to contact the POC and find out if they have a problem with making it public and also if they would share an updated list.  From a historic standpoint it might give some of us insight into who the previous owners of our cars were.

Tks, again.  Chet...

Chet, I am not sure that the list has ever been updated.


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