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You are keeping us in suspense.  Did you get the engine running and good oil pressure?



NO oil pressure.  I started it up as maybe the pump was not spinning fast enough.  It started right up and ran about 10-20 seconds, no oil pressure.  Turned off.  I removed the oil line from the block and tried again.  Just got a dribble out.  I adjusted the oil relief vavle all the way and all the way out, no change. My 41 chevy ruptured its oil line to the external filter once and that only used minimal oil pressure and that was like a artery, just shot across the engine compartment.  I triple checked the oil level.  I loosed the out flow on the pump and minial leakage around the threads.  I took the pump off and it was full of oil (so it was primed).  I benched tested and it will suck oil up but I am wondering if the volume is very low.   This was a rebuilt unit by  then n now  auto.  I plan on sending off to egge to test to see if volume/pressure is low.  I did have a proffessional hot rod builder help and he thinks it is with the pump somehow.  Will update once I know any more.  Rusty

I noticed that I was not getting fuel to the fuel pump from tank.  This could a lack of vacuum from the pump.  Does the fuel pump fill up fast from the tank?


Have you tried a modern oil pressure gauge hook up?  Maybe your gauge is broken or the oil line to the gauge is clogged. ??


Tried that.  The orginial worked , ???accuate before rebuild.  I used a new one also.  There seems no oil that is coming out of the hole that the oil send/gauge goes into.

A thought, the lower main cap on the center bearing is where the oil pick screen and oil line to mounts.  There is  steel pipe about 4-6 inches long that goes between the screen and the cap.  Maybe during the disassambly, a short pipe was used and the screen in no down into the oil pan far enough.  If the pump checks out OK,  I will need to drop the pan again and measure the depth of the pick screen.

Hi Rusty,

Just a ramble that probably has no barring on your problem but something that I have noticed with my car and I am not totally sure if itís a problem or not.  When I first purchased my car I did my first oil change.  The Plymouth instruction booklet stated that the required engine oil content was 1 gallon.   After adding the required amount I noticed that my dipstick only registered to the half full point.  I didnít want to over fill the oil pan so I assumed that maybe the dipstick was not the original stick.  When driving, if I was down a half a quart I would start to loose oil pressure.  So consequentially I started adding additional oil but still the oil level doesnít come to the full mark.  I have since wondered if maybe I have a non stock oil pan that maybe required additional oil, but I have not yet figured out what the problem is or if there is a problem at all.  I was wondering if there is any adjustment on the oil input tubing that may be out of adjustment ??  I still donít totally understand why my dipstick only registers half full with 1 gallon of oil in the pan ???

Just a ramble,  ChetÖ


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