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That is interesting, same problem with my oil dip stick.  I put in 4 quarts and it was about 1/2 between low and high.  I added another 1 or quart to get to full.  Did not help with my oil pressure problem.  The rear main oil return pipe, is it the same lenght as the one to the oil screen?  Is the rear one shorter ????    Does the bottom (inside) of your oil pan have a baffle and a "top plate".


--- Quote from: Rusty on April 22, 2010, 03:04:52 AM ---The rear main oil return pipe, is it the same lenght as the one to the oil screen?  Is the rear one shorter ????    Does the bottom (inside) of your oil pan have a baffle and a "top plate".

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Rusty it has been 2 years since I had the oil pan off and I really can't tell you much about the dimensions of the fill or return tube.  I believe the oil pan does have a baffle to trap slug.  Based on everything you have reported, bench testing of the pump and verification that the pump is turning in the engine the only possible reason you could not be pumping oil is that there must be an air leak between the pump and the oil.  The input tubing must be leaking somewhere.  

My 2 cents,   Chet...

PS...On a second thought the tubing could be clogged but I assume you have been all over this.  Maybe you could use some shop air down the fill tub and by closing the input end see if the air escapes anywhere else.  But you have probably been down this path also. 

This one is a puzzlement.

Gary 30U:
Just another opinion.

When I started my 30U a couple years ago it didn't show any oil pressure either. I went though all the standard checks, i.e. gauge, blocked pressure line to gauge etc. and found there was not pressure coming out of the block at the oil pressure lines attachment point. I figured it was the pump and removed it and sent it to Egge in California. They rebuilt it and sent it back. When I had it off I noticed that the suction line coming out through the block had some bad kinks in it. I figured this would be and easy piece to replace (WRONG). I took the pan off and yes it does have a baffel in the bottom.  To make a long story short I had to buy a special bender to do the 1/2" suction pipe and it took me about three tries to get it right. When I was all done I still didn't have any pressure. My problem was that I hadn't tightened the suction line on the pump tight enough. Now I find I have to much pressure and have to cut it back as it idles with 40 PSI. Understand I could wash out the babbet bearing.

Anyway, you can make a new suction tube, but check the tightness of the pump end first. If you deside to replace the tube, try not to bend it any more than necessary when you take it out. There are a couple of unusual beds that need to be there for proper placement and it nice to have a good pattern. Can't remember what I did, but there was a little seal issue there the tube comes up through the block, but you can figure something for that.


Please let us know what Egge says about your oil pump.

Regarding the dipstick and oil quantity, when I bought my 29 in 73, it had a dip stick from a latter model Plymouth that indicated 6 quarts.  I remarked it for four.

Gary 30U:
Guess I wasn't very clear. Egge rebuilt the oil pump and it works just fine. In fact I had done the forbidden thing and messed with my pressure releaf  spring before haveing it rebuild and now have to cut it back some. At idle, or at RPM, it produces 40 PSI. I guess this is where the relief valve is set.

I have a couple differnt styles of oil dip stick and the increments are the same on both.



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