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oil pressure

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How far should the oil pressure relief valve be screwed in?  It appears that it could be turned in quite it, about 5/8 inch deep from being flush with the out edge.
Thanks to all who have helped with ideas on this.

Ok, this is what I did.  I gave up.  I took the car to a hot rod shop that does alot of "old school" engines.  Model A 4 clyinder with F heads, ford flathead V8, stove bolt 6's are common with them.  After 1 day, he had no idea, repeated everything I did with no luck.   He took the fuel pump all apart and resealed with no luck.  He then just plugged the vacuum line and instant pressure, 50 psi.  Once the pressure regulator was turned down, starts at 38 psi steady.  It now has a electric fuel pump with the pressure setting at 1 psi and the vauccum fuel pump as a fake.  His advice was that as long as the pressure is turned down, plugging off the vauccm line should have no ill effects on the oil pump.  It works now.  I plan on driving the rest of the summer and will update if I develope problems.  rusty


Thanks for all the posts.  My 29 has an electric fuel pump since I purchased the car.  The line going to the vacuum side of the oil pump is connected for looks to the Vacuum tank fuel pump.  I will have to check to see if it is plugged or not.  I never paid much attention to it since the car worked just fine.

I am glad you got the oil pressure working. 



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