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Dodge VS Plymouth

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Here is a picture of a 1929 Dodge I pulled from the web:

Actually looks closer to a 30-U Plymouth.


Nice car but I really hate it when these things are hot rodded.

Interent issues still but now back for good hopefully, I have a list of questions and facts, mainly interested in 28-32 Plymouth but am only somewhat knowledgable with 28-30 Dodge so that is where whatever info I have comes from.
1-Dodge offered a standard and deluxe interior upgrade on their 29/30 Dodge DA model line which included ( amongst other items ) special upholstery and interior corner lamps in addition to the overhead dome lamp, the interior corner lamps are identical in appearance to the overhead dome light except miniature in size. ( I have a comeplete set if anyone is curious to see them ) Did Plymouth ever offer such things in their cars?

2-Dodge floor coverings consisted of rubber mat in the front ( with draft pads around pedals ) and carpet in the rear on the majority of their models did Plymouth also use the same?

3-I am curious as to what Plymouth used to hold the carpet down to the floor if it was used, Dodge used a two piece brass snap, one half was imbedded in carpet and the second half was screwed ( sometimes nailed depending on prod sequence I assume  ) into floorboard. I searched quite a few years for all the missing snaps for my car and finalyy learned that 29 Ford Vicky 29/30 Chevrolet and I am sure many others I am unaware of used the same retainers so it helped to broaden my search.

4- Rubber mat was held in place on Dodge via a special headed screw type gimick which I am at a loss of words to try and explain right now but again I can show pict. if anyone is interested.

5- Curious to know if Plymouth ever used the Fedco numbering tag on dash

6-Dodge models had option of Broadcloth ( which is my original interior ) mohair or leather, id Plymouth also offer these options to their customers?

7- Did Plymouth ever offer a Victoria model or any model that had an opera seating arrangement, maybe a model where as the two front seats or one of the seats folded up under the dash for easy entry to the rear.

8- Dodge used a metal box under the front sear to store the tool kits, did Plymouth have this metal tray or box under the front or rear seat.

Lots more but I suppose I should wait and see where we get with this, thanks again

Ok with 93 views  either no one cares or no one knows, curious to know which it is though so I can put it to rest and move on to a different thought. Anyone care to comment?


Iíve been meaning to respond.  I have an original Salesmenís Reference book from 1929 which stack ranks the Plymouth against 4 cars in itís price range, Ford, Chevy, Whippet and I canít remember the other.  Unfortunately I canít seem to be able to find the book at the moment.   I think Dodge was in a higher price range. 

Interesting excerpt from Allpar website:

ďWalter P purchased Dodge in 1928.  It seems that Chrysler successfully bet the entire company on his ability to buy Dodge Brothers... in later years, he was quoted as saying "without Dodge, there would be no Plymouth car". In the sense that Plymouth and the other makes would not have been able to expand production as they later did without Dodge's capacity, plus of course the later sale of Plymouths by Dodge dealers, this was undoubtedly true... and yet, Plymouth, DeSoto and Fargo production were all well under way when the Dodge sale took place. It's interesting, and a little unsettling, to imagine how the two firms would have weathered the upcoming Depression had they remained separate, what with Chrysler's new multiple makes and relatively low levels of production capacity, and Dodge's independent ownership by an investment firm with no other ties to the auto industry.Ē

Going to Hershey tomorrow,



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