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1934 dodge

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Ditto… really nice Dodge.


Gary 30U:
Tony, Looks like you found a good one. Can't wait to see progress pictures.


Got only five PSI  oil pressure next will check to see if oil pressure relieve valve is stuck open ! It ran for 45 seconds then shutdown until I find problem.

Hi all !
Found oil pressure problem , it's not fixed yet , there is a repair inside block right beside no.5 conrod ,it looks as if at one stage no.5 rod worked loose and put a hole in oil gallery that runs along the engine block ,somebody has attempted to do a repair but was not very successful as oil was leaking back into sump as fast as oil pump could push . I have now attempted to grind back & reweld with crank in place but it's to difficult, so I tore down engine  which has everything new and only run off and on for no more tan 4 to 5 min In short intervals, all bearings are still fine and will be reused if block can be saved.
Next step is to repair block with crank out  I have no other choice !
I think I am going to use 98% nickel arc rods which are about $10.00 a piece down under
Sure hope I can plug that leak or it another engine !

I wouldnt throw out the block if you cant fix it with welding, there are many epoxies that might work assuming there is no pressure to the broken area. It is easy to be skeptical concerning epoxies but these glues have come a long way in the past few years, we glue quarter panels and entire roof skins and in some cases frame rails into car per manufacturers recomendations and I have never had a come back for any glue failure.
Myself would put down the welder because it may blow a bigger hole than what you already have. Good luck either way and happy to provide more info on the epoxies.


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