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I am getting ready to pull the engine from my '29U.  Will it come out easily without removing the steering column and box?  I want to keep the steering in for now so I can move the car around.  Thanks for your help.  Kim Mc

I have never removed the engine yet but it may be possible to twist the engine past the steering box. You would have to remove the gearbox first.

Just a suggestion


Kim,  I don't recall removing steering column, but always removed radiator.  As Ian suggested, I always removed the tranny also.  Once you have the clutch pedal off, it's all downhill.  Good luck!  frank

Thanks Ian and Frank.  I've got the radiator out and nearly everything else off or disconnected.  The driveshaft is off and the tranny unbolted but not out yet.  Still have the pedals and master cylinder to remove.  I was hoping I could do what Ian suggested and just lift and twist the engine so the left rear motor mount clears the steering column and box.  I will let you know how the rest of this adventure turns out.  Thanks again guys.  Kim Mc

Hey Ian and Frank.  Well, today I disconnected every thing else, including the clutch and brake pedals.  The clutch pedal would not come off the shaft because apparently some pinhead had beat on the end of it making it sort of like a mushroom.  I had to work at it with a mill bastard file (which pretty much describes the job too) for about an hour before I could slide the pedals off the shaft.  All that remains to unbolt are the the front and rear motor mounts....and I have to drop the transmission which I can not get to move at all.  I thought it would be easy since the tranny is about the size of a cantaloupe!  But it won't budge.  I'm going to have to do some reading and research to see if I am missing something.  The wife is off with her girl friends for the weekend so I can work on the car without any "honey do's" getting in the way of my "fun"!  Hope to have both the engine and trans out this weekend.  Will keep you posted and will post some pics too.  Thanks again for responding.  Kim Mc


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