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Hey guys.  I thought about removing the hand brake and shift tower but there was about 1/2 inch of dirt and grease on everything so I just decided to drop the trans and deal with the gunk after it was out.  It wasn't a bad job.  Just had to find the right swear word to get the trans unstuck from the bell housing!  :)  The engine has been degreased and it's loaded in the back of my truck (pic attached) on it's way to the mechanic in about an hour.  Yahoo!  Thanks for your interest and help.  I will continue to post my progress.  And I'm sure I will need further help from those with more experience.  Thanks.  Kim Mc

Well done. It might be an idea to check the engine mounts. The front one in particular.

Picture attached.  What do you think....should I replace it? ;D

Nice, looks like mine before i replaced it


I think if you get some good e-poxy, and are real careful putting it together in the position it was in originally then get some bailing wire and  wrap around it, pull the bailing wire real tight so you can get a good grip on it and throw it in the next slough you come to, you might be better off. ;)
SD Glenn


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