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Thanks Jason.  I appreciate hearing from one that has been down this same laborious road.  I expect making the parts will be easier than putting everything together and making it all fit!  Gotta go....wife just told me we've got no water pressure so have to go see what's going on at the well....don't ya luv it!!

Here's the latest wood fix.  The back top bow was broken at one end right at the dado that fits in the side beam.  Initially, I glued it in place but didn't like the result so I removed the bow to make a better repair.  I was afraid that if I didn't fix it right or make a new bow, it might fail during or after a new top installation.  So, the glue joint seemed pretty tight (break visible in picture "bow end 5"), but I put 2 small dowels through the break into good wood on either side.  These, coupled with the 1/8" plywood re-enforcmnent I will soon attach to both sides of each bow, should make the bows much stronger as well as re-enforcing the weak spots.  It might have been easier to just cut out new bows but each is a different length and each has a "bow" (about 1/2"+ above level) at the center (in simple terms, they are curved).  Hope this isn't too much detail or that I'm boring all you that have done your restorations.   

I'm on a roll.  Got a couple of the bows laminated today.  Glued plywood strips to each side of a bow and then stitched them in place with 5/8" long narrow crown staples at 3" intervals the length of the bow.  That really stiffened them up and made the bow feel a lot more substantial.  After sanding one down I just had to fit it in the top; looks good.  Two more bows to laminate; made a simple jig to hold each one in place while I glue and staple the plywood strips.  You will notice several holes in the middle of one bow; the adjacent bow has the same holes.  I think those were probably to mount a block between the bows in order to mount a dome light in models other than a business coupe like mine.  But I am going to place a block between the bows because I may want to install a dome light someday even though this car didn't come with one originally.  Probably would have gotten more done but I ran out of glue.  So I spent the time figuring out how I'm going to make the next repair piece.  I want to get this wood repair done and get on to something new and different.

Kim, Things are looking good. Congrates. We had a nice trip home from Tucson also, we hit a dirt storm also, not as bad as the one you got in, but it was hard to see for a while.  We followed "Old Route 66" for quite a ways Then we hit a snow storm again,  from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins where they closed the highway. lol  We still made it home. lol And it is good to be home.  We met a lot of real nice people at Tucson and I will sure remember that trip for a long time. Hope we meet up again one of these days.  I had the 29 out for a cruise Monday, and had a new Exhaust System installed, coming home the cab filled with smoke and smoke coming out from under the hood, the wire from the Generator burned up. The cutout shorted out.  They don't make a cutout anymore that even looks like an original, and those are in the $100 dollar range, so I am still working that one out, I may have to see if I can fix the short in this one. lol
Take care.

Well, work on making the replacement wood pieces has been sporadic but I've finished that part.  Now I have to take out some shallow dents in the sheet metal in the upper right rear corner before I install the wood parts.  Once the wood is in, I won't be able to get at the metal behind the new pieces.  I am showing the separate new pieces below; I've had to make modifications from the original in order to fit the replacement parts to the good wood that remained after I cut out the dry rot.  I've also included the only two original pieces that came out in bits but I was able to glue them back together for at least partial patterns.  The parts pictured include 3 pieces that will fit in the curved corner; a long piece that extends from the L side to the R side across the back of the cab (the top gets tacked to this piece); 1 of the 4 top bows that I re-inforced with plywood strips along each side; and a couple of the new top slats (and an old one).  The top slats were cut from 1/4" T x 5 1/2" W x 48" L pre-cut poplar that I found at Home Depot; I was able to cut 3 of the 1 3/4" wide slats from each stock piece.  I made 15 slats for about $2 each.  I will install the corner wood pieces after I complete the little body work.  But I plan not to install the top bows and slats until later; I think it may be better to have that top hole left open while I tackle some of the other work.


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