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Chet; it's not much extra work to get the pictures you want while I have it all open.  So just let me know; I'll be glad to get the detail pictures you want.

Al; I enjoy posting the pictures and getting feedback from forum members.  This is all part of the fun for me.  I've benefitted from the posts of others on this forum; I hope some will benefit from my adventures with the restoration of my car.

I am putting up a couple of more pictures of the top's wood structure.  You all are lucky that there is a 1000 KB size limit on posted pictures otherwise I'd be putting up lots more.  The first pic shows the top from above the left back corner of the cab (behind the driver) and the second show a broken support bow (there are 3 breaks like this...probably caused by high school friends piling all over the car on several occasions way back when I was just a lad).  I think these can be glued and clamped; I also plan to reinforce each top bow by gluing strips of wood along either side of each bow.  It can't hurt and will probably help the old wood a little.  And I have some other pieces that I will have to manufacture replacement pieces....but that's another post.  Thanks again for the feedback.  Kim

Kim Great photos love following the thread, would there be a chance of a pic of the timber accross the rear boot floor as i have very little timber left on the chassie good luck and keep up the good work. Glenn

Hey Glenn.  Yes, I will take some pictures today and send them.  By "rear boot floor" I presume you mean the wood framing behind the seat?  Let me know if I don't have that right.  From the pictures I post you can tell me if you need to see additional stuff.  Also, I could take some measurements for you if that would help too.  Glad to know you are enjoying the progress reports.  And as long as I am doing another post, I'm going to include some pics.  Thanks for your reply.  Kim

Another quick post.  I wanted to check the pictures I took of the fabric U-joint on the differential end before I completely disassembled it.  You can see in the picture that the head of the bolt for the drive shaft spyder is on the differential side followed by a flat washer, waffle washer, disk, waffle washer, disk, waffle washer, disk, waffle washer, drive shaft spyder, nut, and cotter pin.  (The cotter pin and nut were removed to get a little space in the assembly so the picture would show the sequence of parts better.)  The bolts to the differential spyder are reversed; that is the nut is on the differential side and the head of the bolt with flat washer and waffle washer is against the disk on the opposite side (towards the front of the car or drive shaft side).  This arrangement of bolts is different from the transmission end fabric U-joint (see my earlier post and sketch in this thread).  Questions?  Send me a post.  I'm headed back to the shop.  Kim

Hey Chet and Glenn; You both asked for pictures and details about the wood floor structure so this afternoon I decided to take a "kick at the cat".  I started with a sketch (it's pretty amateurish...sorry) that I will post here.  It was pretty fun crawling in, around, and under the car to see what they did.  Pretty amazing, actually; they pretty much built a wood car and then nailed sheet metal to the wood frame.  The main floor members are made of 1.75 inch thick oak and are laid over the top of the frame channel; the inside edge of these main longitudinal member pretty much lays above the inside edge of the top leg of the frame channel...(does that make sense?).  The outside edge of this wood piece follows the contour of the car.  There are 3 wood cross members that extend from side to side; one is above and behind the main steel cross member beneath the cab, the second is about one foot further towards the rear, and the last is at the very back of the car (not shown in my sketch).  In the sketch the small x within a circle is a bolt holding the wood to the frame.  There are wood shims of various thicknesses between the main wood structure and the steel frame; i suppose these were for adjustment of the steel body.  Anyhow, this is getting long so if any of you out there have questions, post them here or send me an email.  I've got lots of pictures; I'll post a few. 


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