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Hi Ian and Frank.  Well, the tranny is out; bit of a fight but the good guys won.  Tomorrow the engine comes out.  Then I'll start the project of degreasing and cleaning all the parts and chassis.  Should be able to get the engine to the mechanic/rebuilder this week.  This big stuff goes fast...I'm dreading the body work.  Pics attached.

Good to see you are making progress. The looks like a nice project. You will have to keep us posted on the restoration. If you need any info help just ask.

What you getting done to engine?


Hi Ian.  Going to try this again.  I wrote a long response with attachments yesterday with attachments.  But because the attachments exceeded 1000KB I tried to delete one and ended up deleting the entire reply.  I just had to walk away for a while.  So I am trying again today.  The engine is out!  Managed it by myself and did just what you suggested.  I lifted the front of the engine higher than the bell housing end and just brought out the right side first then was able to move the left rear motor mount around the steering column and box.  I will probably remove the steering column at some point anyhow so I will re-install the engine with that out of the way.  I don't want to accidentally damage the Clum switch at the bottom of the column.  I am going to have the engine completely gone through and will have done whatever it needs done.  I was the last one to drive the car when I was 14 back in 1957!  So, it's been waiting in storage all these years for me.  It was originally purchased by my great grandfather and was given by my grandparents to me.  I plan to return it to as near its original condition as I can get.   Have to run.  Will keep you posted on my progress.  Thanks again.  Kim Mc 

It's a little late. But is you had taken the shift tower off and the hand brake. The transmission would have came out with the engine. Just saves all that working under the car.

Nice project and a really nice car to work with.  From what I can see the body work should be a breeze.   Great Job !!!  Sorry you had issues with the picture posting.   



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