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Dave's 1929 U Resto project

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Thanks Rich I'll check the bolt spacing on that one (made 2) and see how close they are. The inside hole fits well, the outside binds as you tighten it up. Gear spacing seems to mesh well, but Ill check rubbing and wear after some run time. Same friend is in the process of making me a replacement pinion gear retainer. That should be easier to replicate.


When I got the car this was pulled out of the dash and in a box with other various parts. Original key would go in, but would not turn the tumbler. Got the car running with a different coil, but i want the original, so I tore it apart not knowing what the out come would be.

I was able to get it apart without much damage. I sanded and greased the pot metal where the disk turns, and also greased (dielectric or sli glide light weight stuff) where the tumbler assembly sits inside the pot metal. Its a little distorted and cracked so it was binding some.

Also polished up all the electrical contact points.

Got everything working nice and free on the bench, but putting it back together nice and tight is difficult, always fearing that metal base will shatter in my hands as I try and bend those tabs back down.

So I get this thing all back together and go to try it out, wiring power to the batt terminal and timer to the distributor.

Get nothing no spark. I'm already scheming how I can attach a rotary switch to the back of the keyed and pot metal part of the ignition to make it function and appear stock. So I hadn't quite given up yet and head out to the garage with my fluke meter and start prodding. On my good coil I get about 1.5 ohms across - to +. Try it on the original batt to timer its open regardless of key position. Then I tried it from the gas gauge terminal to timer and get 1.5 ohms with the key on and open with it off. Wired it up temporary in the car, using the GAS GAGE terminal instead of BATT, coil wire to ground and open the points and zap! have strong spark! Now I'm off to see if she'll run on it, and see if I have a working generator. 


Great find! I've never seen the switch/ coil combo.

My '22 has what looks like an original switch but is connected to a coil mounted thru the firewall.

Great posts. Keep 'em coming!



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