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Dave's 1929 U Resto project

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Thanks for the internals to the ignition switch. Very interesting. That pot metal is a real pain on all parts made with it. I managed to get my switch to work with a file and dielectric grease but it is a little tight.


Dash is complete as it should be. Car runs with the original coil. Generator and ammeter have been wired back into the circuit and with a short test everything appears to be working, get a discharge when cranking and when the coil is keyed on. Also shows charging up to around 10,11 while revving. That is all the wiring I need to function for my goal of the Threshing show. All accessory's will remain out until rewired. 2 1/2 weeks remain!!

Found a new brake reservoir..........

I'll make it work..............

I brought them a box of rubble a week and a half ago, picked up these parts today.

Still using the original hardware

All parts where machined and sleeved with stainless. installation will start tomorrow...........

Well I'm getting closer. Brakes are in, but not juiced.  Remember reply #16 ? Well the driver side rear axle is out, and the outer bearing was gone. Not even a sign of a roller left in the tube. ( I suspect from a previous inspection by someone, scooped out the wreckage) This damaged the inside bearing cup, which I had to have pressed off anyway, to measure/identify the bearing for replacement. So I have ordered all new cups and bearings since it is apart.

I'll post modern part numbers, the shop and cost if you guys want. I hope to cross reference that felt axle oil seal. Passenger side looks like it leaks, will be a winter project.
So I'll scramble to get this rig rolling, play with it for 3 weeks and then rip it all down again lol At least its easy.........................

I intend to update with pictures, tools and techniques but it takes time to pull them off the phone, host them and post them. I see I have some broken links to fix on the previous page as well.


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