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Dave's 1929 U Resto project

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I would like to keep it as original as possible, and I hope to find a Kingston vacuum canister some day. I was just wondering what differences you experienced. For now if/when I get it on the real road and not just playgrounds I feel a little better with some pressure and a filter with all the crud I know is in the tank. I have heard dirt, rust, sediment can stop the cans from functioning fairly quickly.

The PO of my car had it running on an electric pump with a two gallon gas can in the rear floor board. You didn't go far. The tank was solid, so I took it out and cleaned it. I have various ways of cleaning fuel tanks. He gave me a Stewart pump that had been in the car. I cleaned it up worked great. The owner before him had it running off the intake. If you look up Stewart Fuel Feed you can find out all about this. I kept trying to get it to run off the oil pump. Found a larger capacity Stewart pump on ebay at a good deal, Put it on kept fooling around with the pluming, It's not original, but it all works. Just have to rebuild my windshield wiper. It runs all day. When I was trying to get the electric pump to work I would get the pressure low enough to idle with out flooding then I wouldn't have enough to run down the road. I switched from an impulse pump to a vain pump that helped but I found the vacuum the way to go. Still have the vain pump under the car just in case. Haven't needed it in Years.   The Kingston pump is right for the car. Hard to find. Stewart pumps are period correct,    And you can fined them.   My car is not a show car I just have fun with it 

I flushed my tank the best I could (In a hurry) with compressed air and fresh gas. I haven't had any noticeable issues with the electric pump. It idles down real nice and I have had it around the block (maybe 35 mph) and across the field a few times. I play with the choke a little until its warmed up, then it seems good on the top and bottom. Considering I have put little effort into tuning and optimizing the timing. Its nice to have Franks to compare it to, his is setup correctly.     
Maybe I can get him to race me...  ::) ;D Do you think anyone would notice ? Or would they just honk and try to get around us lol

Goals for this year;

Get the car rewired and street legal.

Get new tires and safety check all the wheel bearings, hubs and spokes.

Get a new top, and all of the roof wood repaired.

Find and repair the source of my water leak.

Started tear down.

Hi Dave,

It looks like you are moving along.  Just a couple of questions about your project.

On the rewire are you going to use a premade harness and are you going to wire in turn signals? 
Is your restoration focused on originality or functionality and safety?

Hopefully I can finally start on my this summer.  I haven't decided yet where I am going to draw the line.



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