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Dave's 1929 U Resto project

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Well Chet, I haven't really thought out a long term plan. Just want to be able to run it on the road if I want. I was unaware that we can buy wiring harnesses for these cars. I was going to pull the wiring out and redo it section by section, but would be open to looking at a harness. Especially if it had all the connectors for lights, brake switch etc. Maybe well worth time savings. Got a link to a vendor?

I want to keep it as original as possible, I like it being a time capsule of sorts. Judging by the reactions I got at the show I went to (I understand I may receive a different reaction at a tractor show vs. a car show) people are drawn to car that looks like it has a story to tell. How can that thing be untouched for 85 years? (plus its a lot cheaper to leave it  :) )

I'll pass on the turn the signals for now, it would be different if I was planning on long road trips but I'm not. I would how ever like to be able to through the wife and kid in for a few short trips so I should consider replacing the windshield glass at a minimum.


I think you have the right idea.  Looking at a factory fresh 1920’s car is a curiosity but I must say that I am drawn to that beat up old survivor that shows real character.   You can almost picture all the hard times and years that the car and its owners have gone through.   My car on the other hand has been poorly restored many years ago and needs to be redone.   I will try to keep as much of it original and leave the old interior.  I guess once I get into it.., the work will decide where it needs to go.  Mechanical reliability is a must.

As far as the wiring harness goes I know somebody makes it and it has been discussed on this site so hopefully someone will chime in with the vender info.   


At least one source for a wiring harness plus other goodies

I may take Dave up on that race this summer, IF my needed repairs get done.  (think a replacement gearshift assembly.  Mine has a lot of play compared to Dave's)  Better find a little used roads for these screamers!

All this talk has me wanting to get to work, but couldn't do much anyway.  Rehab is going well, but it takes time to get the bones healed, so say the Drs.


Last weekend Frank and I peeled off some history. Behold an original 29 roof complete with chalk marks.

Over Spray

Chalk Marks

Look where the headliner is attached to the bows

Hitch Hiker Found

Thanks Dave,

These are great photos.  I need to completely restore my car's roof and I have very little left of the original wood.  Along with other threads showing similar information I think I will be ready to tackle this soon.  I hope I get the slope right.



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