1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe (p15)

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Sunday  September 10, 2006 

Saturday was the start of a couple of days worth of work. 


I ran the tubing for the fuel line and then filled the Gas Tank with gas.  No leaks.  see fuel tank refurbishment.

  • I found a nifty place under the driver's seat for a fuel filter.  The frame hole was the perfect size and since the tubing had to route through it anyway.  Why not install the filter.  The filter is a NAPA # 3032

  • I installed the driver side fender.  I used washer spacers to separate the edges from the body.   This will avoid chipping the paint when I remove the fenders to install the felting.

  • Permanently installed the muffler system.

  • Reinstalled the wheels and drove her out of the garage.  The car drove great and the brakes were perfect.  Much better then when I drove her in almost a year ago.

  • I had the engine running for just about an hour.  Gas tank, filter, and motor are getting along great.  Took a short drive on a back farm road.  Never got out of second gear but the car ran great.  Engine temperature stayed at 160 and I managed to stay on the milk crate.  Actually pretty comfortable.

  • I started on the last of the mechanicals. 
  • Removed the drivers side front wheel assembly. This is the last piece of frame that needs to be cleaned and painted.
  • I will be refurbishing this area by installing new coil springs, tie rod ends, brakes, and shocks. 
  • After this is completed I will be reassembling the front clip and getting the body ready for paint.  Ya!!!

Wow.., That was quick.  If only it was that easy.   I had a couple of hours on Monday to play some more.