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Monday  March 31, 2008

Finally after a long winter's rest.

  • I got back to the body work. 


I removed the windshield and sanded the front windshield frame and the driver's side doors to remove the old primer and prep the surface below.

First I removed all the hardware then I sanded the metal surface with 60 grit follow by 120 grit. 

By the way this is no easy job.  Nothing technically exciting about this job just tedious grunt work.  I hand sanded the area around the windows because the 4" electric sander wasn't all that affective with the curves and groves of the door windows.

Once completed the surface was brush painted with a good Rust Stop primer.




Had so much fun on Sunday that I spent all day Monday working on the passenger side.

This is tedious time consuming work but after running my hand on the finished surface I knew this work will have a big affect on the final top coat.

  • The weather is cooperating a little in that Wednesday should be a sunny and rain free day.

  • Since 80% of my car is now ready for primer filler I am planning to shoot the car on Wednesday.

  • I have two little spots up front that need some attention.  I am going to try and finish them on Tuesday but if not I will shoot the car anyway and fix them at another time.

Once this is completed I can back the car into the garage so that I can work on the trunk area.

Getting closer and closer....

Progress Continued