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April 26, 2009

Back to Work.!!!

Sunday   04/26/2009

I eased back into my project this weekend by rebuilding my original carter carburetor.  I have had a Stromberg on the car ever since I fired up the engine  in February 2005.  The carburetor was pretty straight forward to rebuild.  First you need to disassemble everything.

The carburetor was pretty filthy and had a great deal of sediment inside.  I used a carburetor spray cleaner from Napa which worked great.  High pressure air and a paint gun cleaning kit to clean out all the ports and crevices.  Reassembled the carb with it's new parts and viola !!!  A rebuilt carter carb. 

I installed it in the car, cranked it a couple of times to fill the float chamber.  Pulled the choke and she fired right up.  So far to date the easiest repair I have made.  Oh Well !!! back to the yard work.